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My own Spirit-baptism or “filling” experiences





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In 1980 I had my first Spirit-baptism during my water-baptism.  I had become a Christian September 1980 through the Church of Christ on campus. Although taught accurately about water-baptism, they didn’t teach anything about the Holy Spirit except that they said it was an “invisible deposit of the indwelling Spirit.” So I had absolutely no expectations for what would happen.  I certainly didn’t plan on getting emotional because I was a proud, scientifically-minded engineer student, logically and intellectually rational, and unemotional since Star Trek’s Spock was my hero!  When I came up out of the baptismal waters, I distinctly felt a huge physical weight lift off me that I logically couldn’t explain, and I burst out in a flood of tears, full of unconditional-love and joy from seemingly nowhere!  It was absolutely other-worldly!  I had no idea that was the Holy Spirit though, but it sure didn’t seem like I created this experience!


In 1983 I had my first intense Spirit-baptism.  I diligently sought the Lord in proseuche conversational-prayer every morning around 7am at the top of the University of Arizona football stadium for about a month because Mountain Avenue Church of Christ had split over a power struggle.  I felt that maybe I had been brainwashed into believing Christianity was true.  Then I told God that He must not be real because I sought Him with no results.  I told him that as a tennis player that no longer just played against a backboard but had real partners, He must not exist because I kept hitting the ball into His court with no return.  I was done just chasing balls.  I turned around to go back to my old way of life. I didn’t get one step, before I lost all strength and fell to the ground in fear.  I saw myself in an infinite ocean with no shoreline in sight, being pulled down in a huge whirlpool.  I was terrified, especially when it went right into my chest and I thought I would explode with overwhelming, unconditional-love as electricity shot down my legs and out my hands as I shook there on the ground.  I had to cry out after 5 minutes for it to stop lest I die, and it did.  And then I just wept for a long time from what felt like infinite joy.  I kicked myself for 2 years for saying that, because for the next 6 months I was on Cloud 9, and I wanted this to happen again!  I read that Charles Finney had a similar experience but nobody at my church had a clue what I was talking about!


In 1985 I got another Spirit-baptism:  A friend from a charismatic church challenged me to use all my books to study out the Holy Spirit to explain my experience, especially since my church said the Spirit’s supernatural experiences ceased at the death of the apostles – see the next BT2 Blog.  Well after 8 hours of finding out they had misled me, feeling betrayed, and extremely hungry for what I was reading, I suddenly got intensely thirsty.  So I got up and turned around to go to the refrigerator but took one step and was frozen in my tracks.  I saw what looked like golden water – later in the Might and Power – BT1 page I found out this was like anointing oil made of liquid gold ­– shower into my head, down my body, out my hands like electricity, and down my legs to pin me.  Again I was overwhelmed with infinite, unconditional-love and hung in there longer, maybe 10 minutes, but once again I had to cry out to stop because I felt like I would explode and die!  Once again, I wept for a long time with infinite joy.  I rode my bike to the University of Arizona and barged into a bible study I knew my church was doing that all my friends would be at.  I told them what happened and they didn’t want anything to do with me.  Even my closest friends wouldn’t grab my hands that I said the Holy Spirit’s “electricity” was still coming out of.  I was convinced it would transfer!  They stayed back, like the Israelites after God invited them up Mt. Sinai to meet with Him personally, electing the religion of Moses being the intermediary in Exodus 20:18-21.  Well, it wasn’t long before I left to find a charismatic church that could teach me how to get filled more often!  Ephesians 5:18 says:  “I strongly urge you to be routinely filled by the means of the Spirit.”


In 2008 after being away from the Lord for 15 years and being very sick with pancreatitis for 8 months with a terrible nerve disorder and insomnia, having been to so many doctors to no avail, I was crying out for a miracle.  In August I saw a movie called “Miracles of the Passion” – a documentary of various miraculous healings in people who saw Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ.”  After that I was really open to the idea of a miracle.  One week later I saw what I thought was the same movie in the same spot at the thrift store, but it was the actual Mel Gibson movie, so I thought that’s weird and decided to watch it.  Well, I had lived like a pagan for 15 years and thought, “Hey, this is just a movie, but I’ll watch it.”


Well, somewhere after Christ’s horrifying beating and carrying of the cross, I was distinctly aware that I wasn’t alone in the room.  I became acutely aware of my sins and decided I just had no desire to live the next 15 years anything like the last 15 years – I pretty much surrendered.  I know now that this is the true essense of “repentance.”  Suddenly once again I was absolutely parched for water, so I got up and took a few steps toward the kitchen and ran right into an invisible wall of infinite, Unconditional-Love that wrapped right around me and once again I lost all strength and had to kneel on the floor to keep from falling over.  I was completely accepted into God’s arms as if I had never did any of those many sins.  I was completely overwhelmed and I felt that the world could end around me and I wouldn’t care one bit.  The feeling gradually turned into infinite joy and I just wept for the longest time.  Soon after this many sins just disappeared out of my life effortlessly – I hadn’t even thought about them – and I had an insatiable desire to genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know God.  It wasn’t long before I was miraculously led to 2 Christian doctors and my physical healing process began.  It took me a year to ween off the narcotic drugs my previous doctors hooked me on – purely demonic!  And many miracles helped me to take more obedient steps of faith.  Each of these is an amazing story!


In 2010 after leaving a very stressful job with SCI Solutions after a year, stress that was fearfully bringing some of my previous adrenal issues back, the Lord gave me a daytime vision that showed me why He blocked 5 previous attempts of mine to move to Oregon since 2000 and afterward I was perfectly at peace, whereas previously I had always felt regret for not moving.  In February 2010 He had me point into an 8-translation bible and it landed on 1 Corinthians 10:31-33 underlined in the New Century Version on “the answer is:” and this solved all my roommate issues – all this have I had repeatedly deesis supplication-prayed, “I need answers” on the way to the park!  Just a week earlier, I had been supernaturally led to a class on the Holy Spirit.  We all had many powerfully-enabling experiences during that class, and I even had an anointing from a prophet from Alaska who only anointed me with “the mind of Christ” and then prophesied over me life.  She did anoint another prophet and prophesied something over her.


There were other experiences at a church I started going to called Freedom Fellowship, like 3 supernatural physical healings I had, along with another Spirit-baptism that made me shake like crazy for a day.  Nobody really knew what was causing it, but the pastor Frank Kemberling said the early Quaker were called “Shakers.”  Well the Lord “shook” a lot of junk out of my life that year and evidently prepared me for the death of my mom and a rebirth of my drum teaching as a ministry even 10 years later here!

In 2010-11, God showed me how I could prophetically hear from Him during my teaching of drum lessons.  More physical healings and revelation occurred in 2011 to start getting me off the meds the doctors hooked me on.  He also gave me a prophesy for a Buddhist friend he would get free from his cigarette addiction and a couple weeks later he did and started reading the bible. In November, I started to get lots of God-dreams about doing impossible things and running to the finish line.


In May 2012 I got 2 more Spirit-baptisms and many incredible directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words with one that overwhelmed me with 15 waves of intense unconditional-love while I was on a long conversational-prayer walk with my dog.  The Lord showed me random people I knew, some only superficially, and pulled me near His heart and my heart broke for them and wept so hard that I was heaving until I had no more tears left.  After recovering from one wave, I would walk a bit and get hit with another.  In the shower, I curled up in a ball under the presence of God and wept like a baby, and I heard Him say, “You can run as fast as you want to now.”


As a Christian musician, my many Spirit-baptisms or fillings prove that God can still accomplish His desires even if we are poorly educated by churches!  My first one was in complete ignorance after a month in desperate prayer just to see if God really existed or if my church had just brainwashed me.  The Spirit’s powerful manifestations radically changed me.  For 2 years I wanted this again but forgot how to get it because I still didn’t know even what it was – only that God was indeed real!  When I was challenged to “study out the Spirit” I yearned for what I read and when I got filled for the 2nd time, now I understood that it was the Spirit of God!  Again, the demonstrations of God were obvious and radically changed me!  What’s horribly sad in retrospect is that my new charismatic church after this 2nd filling never taught me how to get filled again and again as I would find out about much later in the New Testament.  Disgusted with the greed of this and other churches I went to and feeling empty on the inside, I fell back into the world for 15 years!  But God didn’t abandon me!


God led me to documentaries about divine healing and miraculously to Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of The Christ” to get radically filled a 3rd time.  If God can’t work inside churches, He will work outside it to reach those outside it.  I am proof!  I had forgotten my previous Spirit experiences but God hadn’t and He grabbed a hold of me big time and a lot of big changes suddenly happened in my life!  God led me down a long path of discovering the gifts and healing miracles of the Spirit.  As with little children, the Lord led me step by step within 2 years to experiencing MORE revelation, prophecy, tongues, more radical personal healings, a Quaker-like “shaking” filling and “fire” purging from my life, that then introduced prophetic drum-teaching to me to enliven my desire to revisit teaching drums!  Then God started to prophetically speak through me to help deliver others of addiction.  Just more baby steps!  But the deeper I waded into the “living waters” of the Lord, the more intense the fillings became with so many prophetic words that I couldn’t stop filling steno pads!  Well many more Spirit-events have occurred since then that I’m just logging into the My Prophetic Rhema page until I know what to do with them.


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  1. Wow, fantastic testimonies.

    In 2011, I had a similar outpouring of the Holy Spirit onto me where I was shaking for several days straight. I was living with friends at the time and they didn’t know what to think of me. I told them what happened, but they struggled with it, even though they believed in the Lord.

    Eventually the shaking ceased, but the Spirit still responds physically within me whenever I speak the truth. I am grateful to have this gift.

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