Dream – A park Band warming up in the Spirit waffling people into salvation






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Once in a dream I saw Christians warming up on stage at Reed Park near me, but being “in/by/WITH the Spirit,” the “warmup” sound was so sweet traveling throughout the park that many people were strangely drawn to it.  As they got closer and closer they became more curious.  But once they got right in front of the stage, they were overtaken or “waffled” by the Spirit and God spoke directly into their hearts and they were saved, and many were even divinely healed.  Nobody had preached a word and the band was just warming up!  Why “waffled”?  Because like two waffles heating up in the toaster at my house, the intoxicating aroma filled the house, and even flowed out into my yard.  Just like this, these people will be drawn to this “smell of the Spirit” – this is not the worldly song “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.  When they go near the stage, once they tasted the “golden melted butter” of the Holy Spirit on those two “waffles” they were then trapped in between those two waffles.  They were “constrained from every side by The Unconditional-Love of Christ,” just like Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 5:14.  Many will get immediately saved, but some will go away very hungry, still smelling that sweet aroma, and so God will come to them in many ways, even through His Body-of-Christ, to satisfy their insatiable hunger.




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