12-12-20 Two Dreams: The fear from fraud is fake news because God is in control and can make us laugh




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12-12-20 Two Dreams: The fear from fraud is fake news because God is in control and can make us laugh



I went to bed depressed that SCOTUS had dismissed the lawsuit by half of the US representing 80 million voters against 4 obviously fraudulent states, dismissed over technicalities, not even reviewing the piles of evidence of fraud presented in front of so many hours of state legislature hearings by fraud experts and 100s of eye witness affidavits.  Constitutional scholars were in an uproar!  Mark Levine said this is one of the darkest days he has ever seen and that our Republic is in grave danger of extinction.  The Lord did remind me last night while I was complaining to my wife, that he had shown myself and many others that it was going to be pitch-black in December and to be prepared with faith during this time and to tell others to hold on to their faith – I saw that in a dream and others have also, to be prepared for this, to stockpile supplies, and not to sightsee at the oil wells (our source of human light) because the evil was rising from below, super-heating the ground and so would melt your shoes and car tires if you stayed to watch while the darkness is coming. He said to get to safety. The light only comes in January.  The prophets have seen it.  It does not come mid-Dec as the lawsuit promised so many.  Yes, Lord you are right.  So that comforted me a bit.  This lawsuit was man’s hope, though a “false start” in the world of running.  He did tell me “to run” from the coming darkness!  I know from other dreams, he tells me to run to him in prayer, the place of safety, for there He is our Rock, Fortress, and Shield.


Washington crossed the freezing Delaware Christmas morning with ragtag, beaten-down survivors of many battles, against all odds, sending away troops led by a conflicting leader, who ended up being defeated doing it “his way” – sounds like what just happened.  However, Washington against impossible odds killed a vastly larger army because they were all asleep from being drunk Christmas eve, even the large battalion of trained German mercenaries.  Even though Washington was 3hrs late at 9 am because of difficulties getting the cannons across the icy river and ALL the troops on boats, they surrounded the camp, took them by total surprise, killed most of them, even their general, and took the others as prisoners.  We did not lose 1 man!  God was with US.  And this battle started a string of US wins and before long we were called the US… A.


Many prophets have been told that now is “the great reset – back to the birth of the US… A, because of covenants (official agreements) God made with the Quakers and Puritans (Holy Spirit filled Christians) who came on those first boats to escape oppressive Catholic and Anglican rule in Europe. They escaped to find America and many lost their lives for their religious freedom to fervently “worship God by [singular] Spirit and by [singular] Truth” – Jesus said the Father was searching the Earth for such.  God found them and made a covenant to protect their freedom to do this.  But that freedom has been systematically attacked by Democrats using COVID lockdowns  to do this (while these Dems secretly go to salons and parties), even against orthodox Jews who fervently worship God.


The Lord is “resetting” to keep His promise to these people.  Millions of Christians have been crying out to God daily for this very purpose.  Prophets, even I, have seen their prayers traveling up before His throne like coordinated wisps of smoke.  And a “star of Bethlehem” sign will soon appear in the sky according to astronomers, an alignment of Jupitar and Saturn on Dec 21st the winter solstice, not seen for 800 years, the one they think appeared at Christ’s birth.  Coincidence?  I suppose many won’t make the connection but many will because they know better.  God gives people wisdom so they wont stay in the dark and hurt themselves and others.  “Great light is coming in January”  and a sign will be given for our hope!


Well God gave me 2 very encouraging dreams from 7-10 am – I could not get out of bed until the dreams were done.


Dream #1 has a lot of Star Trek imagery because I’m a fan, so God uses the things that you already know about in your dreams even though they’re very obviously God dreams because he tells you so.  In this dream I see the Ferengi ‘Quark’ in his bar that he runs on Deep Space 9 and his brother ‘Raum.’   And there’s a lot of fear in both of them as they looked at a machine that indicates,  according to the machine at least, that Raum has a bomb in his blood system waiting to go off that could blowup the bar and everybody in it, because they had got a threatening letter on the 9th.  It was in Ferengi so I didn’t know what it said but it was definitely a threatening letter.  Well they lived under the fear for many days wondering what they could do about it but after a while they went back to another machine run by the genius Dr. Julian Bashir who verified that it was not actually a bomb, though it appeared to be.  In other words it was fake and the original computer in the bar faked the image to make it look like it was the truth.  Obviously it had been tampered with!  Well obviously this is referring to our Dominion machines.  Dominion is an ironic term meaning “to exercise control over.”  And certainly that’s what these machines have attempted to do over our elections and those of many countries!


Well in the dream the fake news of that bar machine lead them to believe there was an actual bomb that was ready to go off and destroy everybody.  But when they found out the actual truth, at first Quark started laughing hysterically, sort of what happens naturally after a great stress relief, and his brother Raum, being that he’s kind of slow most of the time (even though he’s a genius engineer) starts finally getting the joke and starts laughing hysterically also.  Well it got me laughing hysterically in my dream and I woke up from the dream laughing.  This has happened to me before when Holy Spirit really zapped me and I would get very giggly and silly, which is not my nature at all.  As people will tell you it’s hard for me to get laughing because I’m very serious-minded.


When the truth about the machines started spreading across the USA some started celebrating right away but others it took awhile, while others remain in denial.


Dream #2 is also about fear that is based on fake news:  In the dream, I am a scuba diver who is accustomed to swimming with sharks and I see a whole swarm of sharks underneath my boat and I jump into the water and head towards the bottom where it will be safe. The water is murky and so I have to hang out on the bottom because I can’t see too far in front of me and that is the safest place to be on the bottom of the ocean.


I’ve been told many times that there is a safe place to be away from danger and that is in the Massive Rock Fortress who is Jesus Christ.  I’ve been told many times to not sight-see along the seashore where the rogue waves of sin coming from the ocean/world can come very unexpectedly, like in Cabo San Lucas, and suddenly sweep people out to their death.  So I have been told time and time again to run away from the crashing waves straight up the beach to a cave in this gigantic Wall and Mountain (kingdom) of Rock that is completely un-scalable and un-circumventable, which is the holiness of God based on His Law.  But in the cave I would be safe from the crashing waves of sin and evil in the world.  Well that’s a whole other vision that was 2 hrs. long!


But that was the place of safety, so on the bottom of the ocean in the crevices of the rocks I had that same profound feeling as I looked up at the swarm of sharks that were so huge as my heart was thumping from the wonder of it all.  Now I had seen something like this in a video awhile ago by a famous explorer of dangerous animals Steve Irwin, so I was given similar images in my dream, but in my dream I realized that as big as these creatures were and the size of their teeth that I could see, I recognized them as nurse sharks, just like Steve eventually did in the video did.  And then I knew I was completely safe because nurse sharks don’t actually hurt human beings.  So I felt very relieved and almost giddy.  As I remember, Steve did this in his video also, so he threw this incident in his video collection as kind of a stress reliever, because the other adventures were just insanely fearful.  Well that’s the way I felt after I woke up from that dream, very relieved and very giddy.


So both of these dreams had to do with intense fear that was based on perceived “facts” that turned out to later be fake.  And a great relief, celebration, and insane laughter that will occur as a great release from the great fear that was felt for such a long period of time by so many of God’s people.


So be encouraged, right now we’re seeing a lot of fake signals and fake moves and unsuccessful moves that are not part of God’s plans anyway but of man’s plans, even well-meaning, and we are going to see “a great reset” occur.  So now’s the time to buckle down and have faith and go to that safe place in prayer and wait for “The Revelation and Deliverance of the Lord” to occur. T hen there will be a great celebration of God’s chosen people everywhere in the world – and there are billions of US!


As I post this page long after on 3/1/21, once again I am humbled that so often as prophets we see and feel the urgency of God and assume that it’s right around the corner, in this case January 2021.  I’m sure that’s when the Lord ideally would have wanted to clean up this election fraud mess!  But God is aware of the vast forces of evil opposition and the extent of the fraud, which turns out to have infected even the Supreme Court and many “Republicans in name only” (Rhinos) that abandoned their party, the truth, and the president when they were either threatened, promised more power by the left, bribed, or all three, to become traitors to their country.  God will not forget their names and neither will we.  They will go down in the history books with shame!  Did any of this surprise God?  Of course not, but it did us!  God is still going to carry out this plan and wants the truth to reach far more people, and this will take time.  There will be great celebration in January after “great darkness” but it looks like “great” isn’t just about intensity but about length of time, which turned out to be more than a month!  But if we get in the Spirit, we will find that God is in control and will even make us laugh!




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