6-14-17 Prayer vision of Wall & Window blocking the Holy of Holies – Speak to It to Come Down





While struggling to “waiting on the Lord” in proseuche conversational-prayer, I had a vision.  I was in the dimly-lit room of the Jerusalem temple long ago, looking at the Holy of Holies.  The gold-threaded, thick, burnt-red  fabric of the veil-curtain blocking its entrance was torn down the middle, just as it was by Christ when He died on the cross – Matthew 27:51, making a “new and living way to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus” – Hebrews 10:19-20.


However, I was shocked to find a red-brick wall blocking the entrance into the presence of God with a 4″ x 4″ window high up on the right side of it, too small to crawl through, and so high up that you couldn’t even look into the room unless you were tall and jumped high enough to get one hand on the window sill and could manage to put your other hand on top of it and could work hard enough to then pull yourself up to see through it.


I asked, “Lord what in the world is that wall here for?”  He said, “It is the cares of this world, the desires of the flesh, the teaching of demons, and that the window was religion.”  That high window giving only a little bit of light on the right-side of me (the place of authority) was like that window in the dimly-lit, plain room where I was sitting in a chair and then asked to walk through the door.


I asked, “How can I get through this wall?”  He said to command:  “Wall, come down in the name/authority of Jesus” and to do this for 7 days, just as Joshua did to bring the walls of Jericho down in Joshua 6:1-27.  I did this for a literal 7 days, but still the wall remained, leading me to believe that my “7 days” command wasn’t to be taken literally.


Throughout the bible, “7” is most often a number of “completion or divine perfection or wholeness,” leading me to believe God wants me to do this continually until He “completes His work on the wall,” making this a continual part of my time to draw near to Him in devoted, patiently-waiting, watching, listening, worshipful, proseuche conversational-prayer.




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