11-10-20 Prophecy of Trump re-election to be massively Spirit-baptized to evangelize as President




Video: 11-10-20 Prophecy of Trump re-election to be massively Spirit-baptized to evangelize as President

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Watch this video about TRUMP’s family history of revivals & connection to his current bible!


I’m in tears because my brother in Christ, a fellow anointed musician and teacher, Carl Cherry must have also heard from the Lord because I although haven’t heard from him much because we are all so busy nowadays, he just sent me this video that I then listened to at 9 am today 11/10/2020.  I was shocked that it totally confirmed a prophetic message I had just got from God at 6 am as I woke.  As soon as I watched the video I burst out in a bucket of tears from intense joy and gratitude of the Holy Spirit, which shocked me even more because I rarely cry!


God had told me at 6 am that not only was TRUMP going to be re-elected as President (he had already showed me that several times in previous dreams – see below), but this time he is going to be massively filled by the Holy Spirit (many prophets have seen that, too)!  Although I feel this is eminent, I wasn’t told this.


God is going to knock TRUMP out cold to operate on him, giving him a new heart, one that is incredibly “soft” toward Him – the meaning of the Hebrew & Septuagint Greek of Ezekiel 11:19, 36:26 promised New Covenant:  “A completely-different-in-kind chadash/kainos NEW Spirit I will put within them – I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and-instead given them a heart of flesh.”  Here “flesh” as an “analogy for soft” is used oppositely from “stone.”


TRUMP will stand before the country with the mind of Christ and the heart of God, boldly sharing his new-found faith in Christ, and boldly praying for God’s involvement in the affairs of the nation – even with complete disregard for the USA’s fairly-recent-in-history separation of church & state.  He will display the love of God for all the world to see, and America will once again return to the bold faith of our founding pilgrims and government’s fore-fathers.  Thus a great outpouring of God’s Spirit will occur from such bold testimony of the gospel.


TRUMP will be the greatest praying and worshipping President ever, because only there in the presence of God will he find the strength to lead – and Trump will absolutely experience this!  He will feel God’s power flow thru him and give all credit to God.  Yes, TRUMP is about to go thru a dumb-founding (to the ignorant) and glorious (to the informed) change!  He become a highly-respected world diplomat:  https://youtu.be/tiWGkc1UIZM.


Praise God that He shows His people these things so that we can have “a certain expectation of things to come, faith for the future.”  That’s the meaning of “hope” in the bible, just as “trusting-relying-faith is the assurance of things hoped for” (Hebrews 11:1).


Now as I load this page on 2/27/21, I can see that God has His plans and Satan can mess with them, especially when God’s people are so divided and faithless.  However, I originally felt it was so eminent that I was hoping God meant re-elected by 1/20/21.  Nevertheless, when all The Truth is finally revealed about all the shenanigans that went on in November 2020, the snowball effect will mount into “an avalanche of truth that will shake this earth.”  The Lord told me this would happen, and “The Spirit of The Truth” through our prayers will cause this to happen, one way or another!


After so many TRUMP dreams and prophecies below, I have to believe God is not done with TRUMP and will bring him back to use him mightily!  Therefore, I still must stand with God on this and watch how He does it.



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