1-25-21 Deliver us from the Evil One – the Gold Rain will purge evil from the evil people too

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This morning the Lord reminded me of earlier visions He gave me:


1) Trump will be so filled by the Spirit that he will preach the gospel as president during the greatest revival in US history to prepare the world for Christ’s return.


2) The rain of fire that the Gold Oil of the Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:12) is going to eminently rain down on the USA and then the world, it burns up everything it touches, burning up the evil impurities so what is left is pure or holy.


I’ve been rightly praying “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on EARTH as it already is in heaven,”  and since the massively fraudulent election, the Lord reminded me now to pray “deliver us from THE evil  [one] .”


Well, I’ve been interceding daily with Dutch Sheets “Give-Him-15” videos, and  also on my own, that God would just clean the slate of this evil, like Pharaoh’s army was wiped out in the Red Sea only when they were “fully in office” – completely within reach of the walls of water they thought opened for their divine Pharaoh. This is definitely Old Testament wrath of God!  I would not weep a tear if the whole lot of them went to Gitmo to rot in jail!


But the Lord surprised me today when He showed me the “purging rain” and suddenly I realized that He purges the sin out of everybody (me, too) and leaves what is holy.  That’s he New Testament way.  That’s the great revival coming to the USA.  Sure, some will try to escape being SAVED, but it’s going to rain on a lot of evil people, and a lot will be terribly “convicted of sin, righteousness, and judgement to come,” and they will feel so convicted that they won’t be able to sleep.  They will feel “His Heavy Hand of Holiness” (4H club) and they will fall to their knees and cry out to God for mercy for this to be lifted.  The gospel will spread like wild fire, people will cry out to be saved from this conviction, demons will scream as they flee out of people, and millions will quickly receive the unmerited grace of God and overwhelming love, joy, and peace of Christ’s Holy Spirit.  This is what is already beginning to happen during this “dark winter” the Harris-Biden Regime called for.


Although I wish for Gitmo, the Lord is switching my prayers to New Testament salvation and Spirit-holiness.




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