2021 Mike’s God-Messages


2021 Mike’s God-Messages – Spirit Music Meet-Ups

2021 Mike's God-Messages - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


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BLOG Topics for 2021 Mike's God-Messages - Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Lambano receive God’s gifts to experience them with God


Christ is the Bed-Rock Altar for true Rest


Revelations about the Lord’s Supper


Feeling Connected to The Vine of Christ


Neglected Garden and a Faded Woman


Christ as King coming with Evangels & Miracles


Biden stealing bases and getting tagged out


Biden flying the “USA plane” into a ditch and bog


Light and Water for our vine to grow


Buried kernel of wheat creates Many kernels


How my wife and I survived COVID-19


Great War is coming but so is Love, Joy, and Peace


Meteor pieces causing pandemonium on the Earth


Jesus’ Spirit-Power will knock people down to R.I.P.


Biden driving the USA backwards into Harm’s Way


Response to a Dutch Sheets 2-17-21 video


Back up a bit from too steep of a mountain


Gold Rain purges evil from evil people too


VA Hamm radios for EBS that British will get first


God will move His people forward


Truth is coming like an avalanche



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