Response to a Dutch Sheets 2-17-21 video


2-17-21 Response to a Dutch Sheets video

2-17-21 Response to a Dutch Sheets video - Spirit Music Meet-Ups



This is in response to this excellent video by Dutch Sheets entitled: Troubling Executive Actions | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Feb. 17

Of course I can’t exercise the 1st Amendment right to free speech and post this on YouTube because they silence independent thinking.  They silence anybody who does not agree with their political agenda.  God help us!


Bold Dutch but sorely needed!  Be prepared for YouTube to cancel you and get everybody to de-platform you.  We speak in unity against YouTube “growling and prowling to devour” in the all-authority power of Jesus!


God’s mouthpieces must speak together in unity against “Mr. Biden” because it’s becoming increasingly clearer that he should not be called “president” from all the state court cases clearly revealing massive, organized election fraud that are hitting the Supreme Court on the 19th, which is only the beginning of a snowball-effect that causes “an avalanche of truth that will shake the earth, ” the Lord showed me.


God’s people must in unity call evil “evil” not “good” as the Dems & Rhinos are doing for greed (“the love of money is the root of all evil”) that gives them power to control and amass even more money and control.  Lord, expose the financial ties to enemy countries like China & Iran and corrupt financiers like Soros and Gates that pull nation-strings!


We must “speak against the mountains (kingdoms of Satan’s in this world) to be cast away” – we must bind those controlling forces of evil and loose the Holy Spirit to convict these evil men with their duplicitous evil schemes “of sin, righteousness, and judgment to come” to “repent in order to find mercy and forgiveness and to be filled instead by the Spirit of holiness.” That’s the only way God can “forgive this nation” – if they come on their knees to Christ at the foot of the cross. There is no other “way” than thru Christ’s forgiveness of sins.


Let us be crystal clear about the problem of sin in our nation but twice as much about the solution – it’s never changed! Only the invasion of the HOLY Spirit of infinite, overwhelming unconditional, no-strings-attached, unmerited LOVE will be able to defeat ANY evil. We need to take our stand but the only way to not get killed by the enemy while standing is using the WHOLE armor of God in Ephesians 6:10ff.


I recommend The Passion Translation because it brings out the nuances of the Greek better than the English Standard Version, but if you watch & listen in proseuche conversational prayer for a while the Lord will take you much deeper than what was revealed to Paul. “Greater things you-all shall indeed do.”


The Truth (Jesus) will set USA free, but lies keep us imprisoned!


Dutch, continue to speak The Truth (Jesus) boldly in/by/with (Greek en) unconditional-love!  It’s the only way the USA can be free once again!  I and others have been blogging about Truth and God’s ways at for any that desire more fellowship, especially musicians desiring to learn or flow more in anointed, prophetic, spontaneous “new song” worship to bring in the Greatest Revival Ever Again of Truth (GREAT) – the final before The Truth Jesus returns – of the USA and world!!!


Trump is just a step – “GREAT” goes beyond America, but we have all see that THIS ONE starts here!



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