Great War is coming but so is Love, Joy, and Peace


7-16-21 Dream:  A war is coming but so is Love, Joy, and Peace from a Divine marriage with Christ

7-16-21 Dream:  A war is coming but so is Love, Joy, and Peace from a Divine marriage with Christ - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


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In the first dream, I saw a war between a group of very cultured and otherwise advanced beings of a King and a group of barbarian men & women in comparison.  Although the first group looked like men & women, they were too cultured, intelligent, and otherwise advanced to be mere men.  The weapons of the second group were like arrows in comparison.  I didn’t see any weapons in the first group of advanced beings, though they never lost anyone in the war.


The only way to bring peace between the 2 groups was a marriage between the Prince of the first group and a princess from the second group.  I was sitting on some stairs and the Prince walked past me.  He was powerful, elegant, kind, and civil, full of grace!  All the fighting stopped when the Prince walked through the battlefields to the princess, and they were betrothed in a simple but official ceremony.


In the second dream, those from the 2nd group who joined the 1st group after the betrothal ceremony – for the others in the 2nd group had been wiped out – were now finely dressed and cultured like the 1st group was.  They were now all together in perfect love, joy, and peace at the actual wedding ceremony of the Prince and princess.  I recognized 3 people there I hadn’t seen for a long time!


We were all at a huge table having a feast to celebrate the marriage of the Prince and there was incredible laughter and happiness.  I thought it was odd that I saw no princess there, but then after a while I realized that we must have been considered “the princess” because the Prince was only talking to us.  Then He walked through the sea of celebrating people and the other non-human 1st group and got on a big, black motorcycle (I thought how unconventional), and rode in front of us like we were the very long “train” of a bridal gown.  Then I woke up with great joy and expectancy.


We can see from society in the USA that a war is coming between the states and the feds, between the idea of a republic of 50 states and the idea of a dictatorial federal government, between what our founding fathers set up with the Bill of Rights & U.S. Constitution and the feds who are violating it for their own political agenda.  Lawlessness abounds.  A war is inevitable!  But the war is even much bigger than that because they same thing is simultaneously happening worldwide!


However, Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace, along with a multitude of angels, is coming to intervene in order to bring peace.  More revivals are starting to break out here and there, more and more truth is being revealed about fraud and violations of human & constitutional rights, and this will snowball into a national “awakening” and revival.


The Lord will bring His peace through the power of His Holiness and the Grace of the gospel logos message to call out people to Himself to become His Bride, the actual Church, which is not the institutional churches in America.  Man looks on the outside, but God looks on the inside!  The Lord clearly told me back in January 10, 2021 that “The Truth is coming like an avalanche that will shake the earth.”  Some people will not heed the warning and will get buried and perish by it, for the Lord has repetitively said, “Repent or you too shall perish.”



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