3-22-20 Waking revelation of the Fortress of Solitude for training and protection

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Just this morning as I lay in bed, my mind the calmest and most receptive, God “randomly”  – it appears at first – shows me a scene from Superman movies of the secret crystalline “Fortress of Solitude” in the north pole away from all people and distractions that Clark Kent goes into in order to receive his instruction and training from his father Jor-el.  Without this he will not be prepared to take on the dangers that seek to destroy earth.  He is warned of this!


Then the Lord tells me:  “I am your ‘Fortress of Solitude’ and if you go there in its quietness and stillness – this sounds like Psalms 46:10 – then you will learn the secrets of your universe from your Father who is in heaven.”  This sound like King David writing in the Psalms about the Lord being his Fortress, safety from his enemies, even pestilence (like this COVID-19 virus) that comes in the darkness?




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