10-31-20 Falling asleep in the Fortress Rock, Waking to a whistling nose, Surrender to the Lord’s humor and stillness





Video:  10-31-20 Falling asleep in the Fortress Rock, Waking to a whistling nose, Surrender to the Lord's humor and stillness


10-31-20 Falling asleep in the Fortress Rock, Waking to a whistling nose, Surrender to the Lord’s humor and stillness



I woke at 620 am, but felt it was time to go back into that Rock-Fortress sea-cave from 10-24 and 10-27 dreams.  So I went in there and soon after I would drift back to sleep and dream, then wake, and repeat and fall back asleep, etc.  Well I just woke from the last  one and it’s 3 hrs. later!


Remember in the cave when I rested from walking deeper into it – deeper into the Lord Himself where it was safer from the crashing waves of the world’s sins – I laid down on that flat rock and fell asleep. I was told this was “the Sabbath rest” the book of Hebrews speaks much about – through Jesus we finally rest from our work (ergo = doing to reach God or FOR God to please God).  So now every time I waited for Jesus to speak “I AM your ….” in the cave, I fell asleep.


As I was beginning to wake at 9 am, I heard a bird whistle near me.  I thought my alarm went off because it has various bird whistles, but then I remembered I had turned it off.  Then I thought it was loud birds from the front yard, but listening for awhile I realized it was one I had never heard before.  So I listened even harder to discern it.  Maybe a cardinal?  No!  After awhile I detected a pattern:  it sang when I breathed in.  How supernatural of a dream I thought! Then I noticed if I breathed in too fast or too slow, there would be no tweet.  Then it hit me that I just needed to blow my nose!  Now I was pretty groggy and feeling ‘blah’ at the time, but when this happened I suddenly became aware that Jesus was joking around with me, trying to get me to laugh, which is normally very hard to do – it’s a very serious world nowadays with all the riots that Democrat politicians have the gall to call “peaceful protests!”  They are even inciting violence against Republican congressmen to “get in their face,” and nobody is impeaching them!  It seems like the “lawlessness” of the final years is here!


Well, as I lay there realizing the Lord’s humor I felt a joy ooze into my face changing my facial muscles to form a smile and I felt helpless to it, under its control.  So I said to Jesus, “I will just observe this happening,” and it also warmed my face up because I keep my room cold at night to sleep better.  I wish I could have watched this in a mirror! What an odd sensation.


After awhile realizing the Lord has a really funny sense of humor, I said, “You know you can change me into anybody you want.”  I was surrendering control to Him.  And He laughed back, “I was actually thinking, ‘How about Myself?’  What do you think?”  I had to snicker because He was playing with me again, thinking: “Of course, He would say that.”  So, I said, “Okay, if that’s what you want.”  He said, “Actually, that’s been My plan.”


Then I laid there resting, and He showed me the statue of David and said, “I say, ‘Rest and Be still like David was when I sculpted him.”  But I saw Michelangelo chipping away at the marble.  Jesus said, “Can you imagine the marble always moving around as he tried to chisel it?”  I laughed and understood why we have to “Be still to yada/ginosko relationally experience to know God (Psalms 46:10).  Jesus said, “Remember that you are My workmanship.” Then I remembered Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand.”  I had my hands up by my pillow and they were starting to go numb, so I put them down to remain still and be less distracted.  I wonder how David stood so still in the sculptor’s mind with one hand up?  Maybe he switched hands.  Ha Ha!


Wow, what a way to wake up!  It will be interesting to see how this day progresses.




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