3-15-20 Dream of Book of Life – past, present, future are all one with no surprises





Video:  3-15-20 Dream: Book of Life - past, present, future are all one with no surprises

3-15-20 Dream:  Book of Life – past, present, future are all ONE to God with no surprises



I was looking at a thick book at pictures and words and was amazed that I remembered some of these people and events long ago and that some had occurred after I had looked in the book. This was all so mysterious to be reading a novel that had, and was, and will take place in reality in my life.  I felt like Sherlock Holmes!


After I had just greeted a man that I realized was in my book, I turned to find the page he was on because I thought “Is he a clue to what will happen next?  How is all this connected?  Where will it lead?  I felt the answer was in the book.  However, before I had a chance to look, I got my answer:  another man passed by to the right of the the man in question and as he walked by my left, he looked at me, and said “All is One.”


I immediately was filled by the Holy Spirit with irresistible unconditionally-loving acceptance and joy.  I say “irresistible” because no matter how much I tried to contain my composure I balled like a baby!  I simply could not contain such power – it wrecked me and I was un-done. Then I understood He was the Lord and it was my “book of life” from the Book of Revelation that he allowed me to see to make a point:  past, present, future means nothing to Him – they are “all one.”  He is outside of time and everybody’s life is like reading a novel.  God is never surprised and there is no hidden mysteries to Him to discover or wait for, as we do. There is no panic either! That’s what we do.


The solution in these uncertain and panicky times to many people is to be indeed be wise but also to rest peacefully in having trusting-relying-faith in the Lord of infinite unconditionally-loving acceptance and joy.  This is WHO we should be hoarding instead of toilet paper!  That’s what I am feeling from this dream.




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