10-24-20 Dream of the Massive Rock Fortress of Christ to find rest and safety from sin in the world





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10-24-20 Dream: Massive Rock Fortress of Christ to find rest and safety from sin in the world



Last night I woke at 345 am and couldn’t sleep for a half-hour I bet because the Lord showed me the “Fortress” and “Refuge” and “Rock” that David spoke of.  I was in total awe just staring at it.  Then He blew my mind, when He said, “This is the Rock I will build my Church on, the Stone of stumbling, the Rock of offense, the Cornerstone of the House of God, the Mountain that will crush all the kingdoms of men.”


It’s not what the Catholics say, because Peter, in Greek is petra meaning “a little river stone, or a piece broken off a mass.” But this is Rock of Jesus is Petros, which means “massive, foundational bedrock.”  It’s not even what the so-called” learned and wise” Protestant theologians say it is either, that it is “the confession of faith” from Peter of which Jesus said, “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven,” where this confession was of Peter’s was:  “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  It’s not a person’s faith or confession of that faith that is the Rock that Christ builds His Church on!  The Rock is Jesus Christ who builds He build His Church on!  Important people like Peter (he was only a very flawed fisherman, not the first pope) or anybody’s faith or anybody’s confession doesn’t build the Church – Jesus does!   And the Lord showed me this Massive Rock Fortress!


I nearly beg the Lord every night nearly to hear and see from him for those 6-8 hours.  This prayer he will always answer because he longs to have a conversation with you. Take those steps of faith and knock UNTIL the door is opened, ASK until you receive, SEEK until you find.  That’s what Jesus said in Greek. These are habitual practices!  That’s what “drawing near to God” means – it’s a Hebrew idiom for “devoted, watching, listening, waiting on God worshipful, conversational prayer.”


The Massive Rock Fortress extended down the beach as far as the eye could see in both directions.  I asked, “How far?”  The Voice answered, “Around the globe and to the right hand of God where Christ sat.”  It was pure black rock, minutely fractured, sharp as dull razors, like volcanic crystals so it was a bit reflective, but far more rugged than Italy or Oregon’s coastline.  The ocean waves crashed and beat against it incessantly, yet there was no erosion.


I was told to RUN up the beach away from the waves that will eventually drown you, no matter how you resist or fight back.  The Lord said, “This is sin in the world.  RUN to the Rock Fortress for safety,” but even though I found some clefs in the Rock Fortress to hide in, the waves were still drowning me.  I tried to climb up the Rock face but the sharp Rock was tearing me up.  When I found a ledge, it was so narrow that I had to stand and I was so tired!  There was no room to sit and rest.  And it was futile to try to climb up to heaven nor anyway to go around this.


I was told this wall was the holiness of God that nobody can climb or hide in on the outside. I had to climb back down and surrender my fate to drowning.  I cried out and then I saw a sea cave in it down the beach.  I swam over to it and entered.  I was not safe yet because the crashing waves would fill the mouth of the cave and nearly drown me, but now I at least had hope.


I walked deeper in and as I did the waters were shallower until I was on dry ground, because the land under me was rising as I walked away from the ocean (the world).  I found a large flat rock and fell asleep on it.  When I woke, there wasn’t much light, but I needed to find food so I walked deeper, my eyes adjusting.  Now it was completely dark but I could see just fine.  I said, “How can this be?”  Then I heard, “I AM the light of the world.”  Then after awhile walking I wondered why I wasn’t hungry, and I heard, “I AM the bread of life.”  Now deep within the mountain, I wondered how I could be breathing, and I heard, “I AM the breath of life.”  Now in the very center of this Rock Fortress, it was quiet and still, and I just sat there in total restful peace, with no worries at all, no sin, no world left, just infinite love and joy.  And I heard, “This is what I meant when I said ‘Abide in Me and you will know the Father and the Son and have real life and produce much fruit.'”


Now this is the place of peaceful rest I’ve been going to more when I’m having sleeplessness because I fall asleep in there!


For a more detailed version that adds a different perspective, see The Great Wall – BT5 page.




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