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A vision of abiding in the Mountain-Fortress Rock of Christ, the Kingdom of God.



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Awhile back I was seeking the Lord about “abiding in the vine of Christ to produce much fruit,” which Jesus spoke of in John 15:1-17, because I was really struggling to live the victorious Christian life.  One morning a few days later, the Lord gave me a 2-hour vision as I tried to wake up, but then would go back into pseudo-sleep to dream more of the vision, and this back-and-forth went on for 2 hours. I would ask questions and fall back asleep, and after a while I just stared into my dark pillow to keep ‘seeing.’  I was walking along a sea shore in the water and wave after wave would crash into me.  I tried taking swings at the waves, but obviously that didn’t work.  I tried locking my back leg and “resisting” them as I was told James 4:7 meant about “resisting the devil so he would flee from me,” but that surprisingly didn’t work.  I tried standing up taller, but then the wave just got taller!  Then I remembered my physics class that said as the wave doubles in height the force is 4 times as much.


Nothing worked and I was losing ground, so I walked out of the deeper water and walked along the very edge, but periodically rogue waves would surprise me and I’d get soaked or almost knocked down.  I remember in Cabo San Lucas people were washed out to sea and drowned that way!  Then I heard the Lord say, “Don’t even sight-see at the world or its sin.  Run up the beach directly away from it.  Don’t walk, run!  Flee the devil – that’s how you resist him!”  Interesting James coupled using the conjunction kai “resist the devil and he will flee from you” with “submit yourself to God,” which is actually the main point!  And immediately after that James continued his thought “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  I’m thinking that most us have totally missed James’ point:  Submission by drawing near to God gives us the ability to resist the devil because we have run from him to God.  When we do, then God draw nears us, which then causes the devil to flee from us!  There is a lot of rebuking of the devil while staying in the middle of the sinful situation instead of running to the safety of the Lord!  I asked the Lord later about those greeting cards about our footprints along running along the ocean called “Footprints in the Sand.”  He said it was just marketing!  He said to flee the world of sin by running to Him for safety!


Back to the dream:  So I ran away from the ocean waves of sin and came to a massive wall or cliff of Rock that ran down the beach in both directions as far as I could see.  It was pure black, crystalline, jagged, and very sharp!  It looked like the walls of a mighty Fortress or castle as far as I could see.  But now the tide had come in and the waves were crashing against me once again.  Now it was even more dangerous because the waves were slamming me up against the sharp Rock face.  I couldn’t see any way around it, so I looked for a cleft in the Rock to hide (a), but the water was still drowning me.  <Notes> a) Exodus 33:22; Judges 15:8, 11; Song of Solomon 2:14; Isaiah 2:21, 7:19, 57:5; Jeremiah 13:4, 16:16, 49:16; Obadiah 1:3.


So I started climbing up the Rock face, but the Rock was so sharp it made my fingers bleed.  I tried to find a ledge to rest on, but they were so narrow that I couldn’t sit or lie down.  I caught my breath but could see that I couldn’t stay there long.  So I thought I would climb higher, but when I looked up, there was no end in sight – it went past the clouds.  After the dream, I was aware that this represented the impossibility of climbing up the holiness of God through our own works, giving us no rest, just suffering.


So I jumped back down into the water and swam along the edge of it, looking for any land, but I saw none.  I despaired but then I saw a sea cave a ways off and I made my way to it.  I went through the door but the waves were still rushing in, so I went deeper, and as I did the waves posed less and less of a threat because the land underneath me was naturally rising as I travelled further away from the ocean.  Finally my feet were dry and I was safe.  Exhausted from all this fighting, running, climbing, swimming, and walking, I found a big flat rock to lie down and I fell asleep immediately – for a long time!  Later the Lord told me this was the “Sabbath Rest” (a).  <Notes> a) Hebrews 4:9.


When I woke the sun must have almost set because I could barely see, which worried me.  I couldn’t go back to the danger, so I walked deeper, hoping to find an outlet to dry land.  I thought as I went deeper it would get darker, but now I could see even better. I asked myself how that could be, and then heard a Voice say, “I AM the light of the world.”  Wow!  So I walked deeper but started to get really hungry, and I heard the Voice say, “I AM the bread of life,” and my hunger was gone.  So I walked deeper into what must have been a mountain!  Now I was starting to run out of air being so far from the door, but then I heard the Voice say, “I AM the breath of life,” and now I had no problem breathing.  Well I continued walking until I heard the Voice say, “Rest!  Now you are in the middle of Me.  This is the safest place to be.  Here you will find rest.”  When I woke I knew exactly what “Abiding in Christ” meant and what the Rock and Fortress was that the OT prophets spoke of!


Interestingly, scholars argue that the Greek preposition “enwith “Christ” in the dative case only means the first of these 3 options: “in the location or sphere of, by the means of, or with the company of,” so they always translate it “in Christ.”  Ha!  God told me that all three are always true when it comes to the Father and the Son – safety from the world and sin, light, breath, bread, and rest are all inside Them, by the means of Them, and with Their company.  My extensive studies on God the Spirit show that He is the Enabling-Power and Doer – the Action Hero – for the Triune God – see Identity.  Many Greek scholars believe than en pnuemati in the dative case always means “by the means or instrument of.”  This makes sense because the Spirit is the “Doer,” until you realize that “The Spirit” is often used interchangeably with “The Father” (a) and “The Lord Jesus” (b).  If that’s the case “in/by/with the Spirit” all make just as much sense! <Notes> a) Matthew 10:20, b) 2 Corinthians 3:18.


Absolutely no fruit in the Kingdom or “Mountain” (a), which Jesus is, can occur without BEING and STAYING in the middle of Him.  That’s what Jesus meant by: “Whoever abides in/inside Me and I in/inside him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do absolutely nothing” (b).  The Lord has taken me there many other times because of restless nights of sleep and as soon as I lay down there, I’m out cold.  Recently, I was kept awake working to get into that “sea cave,” and He told me it’s not way “out there” to work to get to, but “the kingdom of God is in the midst of or within you” (c).  This sure has “saved me a lot of steps” and made it easier to get to the place of rest!  I just have to “Be Still” (d) and settled down into myself where the Lord is.  He has also been telling me that ‘working’ in His kingdom doesn’t really work because we are putting our trusting-relying-faith in our own “might and powerskill. Instead I need to go into this “sea cave” of rest and peace within me, and just BE there with Him, trusting in His Spirit’s abilities.  Jesus said, “Come to Me, all who work and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke (training harness) upon you and learn from Me for I am gentle . . . and you will find rest, for My yoke is very-easy-to-carry and My burden light-weight” (e). I’m starting to see, hear, and feel more of His kingdom after I do.  <Notes> a) Isaiah 2:2, 9:7; Daniel 2:44-45, 9:16, b) John 15:5, c) Luke 17:21, d) Psalms 37:7, 46:10, 62:1, e) Matthew 11:28-30.


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