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What is the Kingdom of God?



We know that the “Kingdom of Heaven” (a) is the same as the “Kingdom of God,” (b), which is the same as the “Kingdom of His beloved Son” (c) and the “Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ” (d).  The Greek word for “Kingdom” basileia means “kingship, sovereignty, authority, rule, and royal enabling-power, especially of God, both in the world, and in the hearts of men; hence, Kingdom, in the concrete sense.”  HELPS Word-studies nails it with “the realm in which a king sovereignly rules, especially to the rule of Christ in the hearts of believers, which also extends in various stages.” <Notes> a) Matthew 3:2, 4:17, 5:3, 10, 19, 20, 7:21, 8:11, 10:7, 11:11, 12, 13:11, 24, 31, 33, 44, 45, 47, 52, 16:19, 18:1, 3, 4, 23, 19:12, 14, 23, 20:1, 22:2, 23:13; 2 Timothy 4:18, b) Matthew 6:33, 12:28, 19:24, 21:31, 43; Mark 1:15; 4:11, 26, 30, 9:1, 47, 10:14, 15, 23, 24, 25, 12:34, 14:25, 15:43; Luke 4:43, 6:20, 7:28, 8:1, 10, 9:2, 11, 27, 60, 62, 10:9, 11, 11:20, 13:18, 20, 28, 29, 14:15, 16:16, 17:20, 21, 18:16, 17, 24, 25, 29, 19:11, 21:31, 22:16, 18, 23:51; John 3:3, 5; Acts 1:3, 8:12, 14:22, 19:8, 28:23; Romans 14:17, 1 Corinthians 4:20, 6:9, 10, 15:50; Galatians 5:21; Colossians 4:11; 2 Thessalonians 1:5; Revelation 12:10, c) Colossians 1:13, d) Revelation 11:15.


Jesus teaches His disciples our model for proseuche conversational-prayer (a) saying “Proseuchomai conversationally-pray like this:  Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name/authority.  Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  In just a few more verses (b), Jesus calms their anxieties how their food, drink, clothing, and other bodily needs would be met while following Him, reassuring them:  “The world [of unbelieving people] actually, ongoingly seeks out (c) all these things, but your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.  Instead [I charge you to] ongoingly seek (d) first (or foremost) the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added (or additionally given) to you.”  It takes trusting-relying-faith to live by God’s priorities because it takes trusting-relying-faith to be in fellowship with the Lord to make that possible!  <Notes> a) Matthew 6:10 and Luke 11:2, b) Matthew 6:25-34 or Luke 12:22-3, c) epizeteo: intensely craves, diligently searches for, and ardently strives after, d) zeteo: crave, search for, and strive after.


One night the Lord powerfully spoke to me while I was on a long proseuche conversational-prayer walk: “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.”  My thoughts immediately ran to a list of things I was to do in order to be more holy and more useful – like more bible study, memorizing verses, fasting, church attendance, evangelism, etc. Then He interrupted my train of thought and told me that “His Kingdom and righteousness were not a “what and a what” but a WHO and a WHO’ ” I responded “What?”  This really confused me because of so many bible colleges and churches that had taught me all the things I needed to do in Christianity if I really wanted to serve God more.  The Lord then said, “It’s not what you know or what you do that matters but WHO you know.”  Then He flooded me with verses that said:  “His righteousness” is the “Righteous One,” the ‘WHO’ of Jesus Christ (a), WHO by “one act of obedience made many righteous” (b), that all right-being and right-living (c) comes from God, and that my proseuche conversational-prayer for “His Kingdom to come” is for the “realm/sphere” of the Spirit of Christ, “the Kings of kings and Lord of lords,” the Spirit of holiness (d) that is “sovereignly ruling . . . in the heart of [me], the believer,” where “His will is being done on earth as it is already in heaven.” This “Kingdom” is a personal “inside job” – a genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge within me and not an external “thing to do” to improve my Christianity, or is it a societal thing to politically or legally establish Christianity in the world. <Notes> a) Acts 3:14, 7:52, 22:14, b) Romans 5:19, c) the 2 uses of dikaiosune “righteousness”, d) separation/consecration from the world to God for sacred use.


The modern Church spends a lot of time preaching Christian activism and sometimes even evangelism to make the world a better place to live in.  There’s a lot of emphasis to get involved politically on “the right side” to legislate God’s righteous Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”  This is very much like the Jewish Zealots that were trying to subvert Roman rule, even though the NT speaks much about proseuchomai conversationally-praying for and obeying our pagan, even evil, rulers (a). But the Lord has spoken to me on more than one occasion that His focus should be my focus and that’s “meno abiding/dwelling/remaining in Him and Him in me” (b) to “produce much fruit . . . for My Father to be glorified . . . to prove you to be My disciples . . . meno abiding in My unconditional-love . . . meno abiding in My commandments (c) . . . so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full/complete.” <Notes> a) Romans 13:1-7; Luke 20:22-25, Matthew 5:44, b) John 15:1-11; 1 John 2:27-28, 4:13, c) There are only 2 commandments to have trusting-relying-faith in Christ and unconditionally-love one another – 1 John 3:23.



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Well, I hope that this overview of the Kingdom has helped you stay focused on daily proseuchomai conversationally-praying for God’s Kingdom and will to be done within you, by routinely asking for the Holy Spirit’s enabling-power to do this within you, in order to be filled with Christ’s zoe genuine-life.  This is all about having a personal fellowship with the Father through trusting-relying-faith in the Lord Jesus for our daily needs, to guard us against evil temptations, and to supernaturally powerfully-enable us to forgive others as we keep in mind God’s incredible unconditional-favor-of-grace and mercy continually shown to us as He continually forgives us of our many sins as we surrender control to Him.




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