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Drum Performance by the Spirit




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Make sure to first read the Holy Spaces and Spirit-Perform pages written for all Spirit-kind-of musicians, and ask the Lord how you can apply this to your drumming.  He is “The One Teacher,” but because I’ve been teaching drums nearly full-time since 1998 to over 5000 students and have had 2 websites full of information for drummers, I will be incorporating some of this below, and also putting fresh, new material as the Lord shows me completely different-in-kind (chadash, kainos) things about drumming, especially in/by/with the Spirit.


You always will end up performing like you practice, so before you get into public playing by the Spirit, learn how to do this in your private practice time by also learning from the Spirit-Practice-Drums page.



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BT1:  Practical Application for the Worship-Team Performance




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