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Please comment on the bottom of any page following our BLOG Guidelines below in order to Meet-Up together with others on this website for fellowship and to teach one another “so that weighing in what was said, . . . you ALL may learn and ALL be encouraged” (1 Corinthians 14:29-31). Hopefully you will also Meet-Up to Spirit-practice music together in small groups and then Meet-Up to Spirit-perform together in public!  Although we’ve added a lot of content already with summary questions, actions items, and a prayer that you can “weigh in” on, this is only to start the conversation so you can ALL begin fellowshipping, “learning and being encouraged” together, and then take it to the next step to Meet-Up together!  This is called Body-of-Christ-Ministry!



BLOG Etiquette – Please be respectful >


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Click on pic: 4 ways to Meet-Up for fellowship and to learn to play anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous music.





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Holy Spaces – Holiness for music practice and playing >


Fellowship – Communion with God and other musicians >






Conversational-Prayer – Relationship dialogue with God >


Meet-Up – Meeting with God and other musicians to play >






Worship – Entering into God’s presence through adoration >


Anointing – Musicians need this more than ‘Might & Power’ skill >







Mike Burris’ Prophetic Rhema Words and Logos Messages


Spontaneous – Improvised ‘New Songs’ by the Spirit >






Spirit – Practice for ALL musicians >


Spirit – Perform for ALL musicians >





Click on pic: Learn more drumming ‘technicals’ from the last 23 years of Mike Burris’ teaching. Learn by the Spirit below:


Spirit – Practice for Drummers >


Spirit – Perform for Drummers >






Body-of-Christ Ministry – The only model of ministry given to us >


The Great Wall – The quenching of the Holy Spirit in churches >





Click on pic: ‘The Least Among You’ – God shows no partiality but favors His children !


Coaches & Facilitators – ‘Equippers’ are NOT the ‘Ministers’ >


Teach One Another – Jesus is The One Teacher but also through us >






Identity – Ministry from who you really are >






Might & Power – The flesh’s resources and abilities under the old covenant >


Skill – Holding onto our own ‘might and power’ skill or exchanging it for the God’s >






Surrender Control – ‘Letting go & Letting God’ by repentance and confession >





Click on pic: The prophesied “Promise” is the Spirit of Christ dwelling in us to make us holy, and to “guide us as ‘The One Teacher’ into ALL the Truth so we have no need of any other teacher!” Now we can “Worship by The Spirit of The Truth,” who is Jesus Christ.


Spirit-Power – The supernatural enabling-power of God for everything >


Spirit-Baptism – Filling of Holy Spirit for genuine life and Body-Ministry >






Grace – Gifts – Grace and the Spirit’s gifts for Body Ministry >






Signs & Wonders – The Spirit’s miracles including divine healing >





Click on pic: Informational gnosis knowledge vs. experiential, relational epignosis knowledge which is “the real thing!”


Logos Word of God – Jesus Christ and His gospel message >


The Truth – Jesus Christ and His gospel message >






New Covenant Ways – The ‘New’ is completely different-in-kind than the ‘old’ >


Only 2 Commandments – The New Covenant only has 2 official decrees – Faith & Love >





Click on pic: Unconditional agape love is the singular nature or “fruit” of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – all other “flavors” or aspects are simply description of this. This love alone marks the “disciples” or followers of Christ !


Joy – Rejoicing by the Spirit>


Peaceful Rest – Personal tranquility & relational harmony by the Spirit >






Kingdom – The rule of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit >





Click on pic: Salvation is a process of deliverance, redemption, reconciliation, and restoration to health and wholeness.


Zoe Genuine-Life – Jesus came to bring us abundant life >


Obedient Steps of Faith – Walking in saving faith >


Water-Baptism – Immersion is key to being born again >






Other Resources – Recommended websites and books >







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