11-24-17 Dream – Billy Graham sewing up his preaching of the gospel before he died






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On 11/24/2017 I woke from a dream about a very old, but joyful, Bill Graham preaching to a very small crowd with so many empty seats at Disneyland, man’s favorite place for entertainment. He put his arm around my very old dad and said “we’re family.” Then I heard a loud, authoritative Voice say to Billy, “Sew it up.” The Greek word soteria for “salvation” is a sewing term – “to mend torn pieces back together, to make whole again, reconcile, and save.”  Before I woke to see the light of day, I heard a quiet, sad Voice say, “The morning is darkest.” I had no clue that Billy had just turned 99 on November 7th and now I hear many months later in February 2018 he just died.


Billy Graham was known for preaching the pure logos gospel message of The Truth to packed mega-stadiums to over 215 million people in more than 185 countries, and radio to 2.2 billion people since 1947.  At least 3.2 million were converted in those gatherings!


He has free from political, financial, and sexual corruption that has plagued many Christian preachers.  Although he preached for over 40 years, his entire net worth was only $25 million and lived in the same simple home his whole life. Compare this to the “Success Gospel” preachers Kenneth Copeland ($760 million), Joel Osteen ($40 million), and Creflo Dollar ($27 million) – I wonder if he changed his name to “Dollar?”


Billy once said, “Religion is like a vaccine: It gives you a little bit of something like the real thing to keep you from actually getting all of the real thing.”  I saw him preach at the McKale Center at the University of Arizona around 1981-82 and I was mystified why so many people were going forward to give their life to Christ for the first time to receive salvation or to re-dedicate their life.  I had heard the logos gospel message preached 100s of times and I didn’t hear anything unique that night, yet I also felt compelled to stand up and go forward, even thought I considered myself a strict, conservative Christian having being converted in the Church of Christ September 28, 1980.  At the time I did not understand the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but looking back, that is the only explanation for the compulsion I and others felt that night!


Many have been prophetically told that Billy was the last apostle to the Gentiles, Paul being the first.  God has showed me and others that not much time is left for the Church as He returns His focus on Israel.  The Lord is bringing us back to His priorities as He “sews it up.”  Praise the Lord for His perfect plans!  Once you get into His Spirit, He always tells us: “Now, you can run as fast as you want!”  I also have been given a sense of urgency in the last couple of years since the Lord gave me that dream about Billy.




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