11-8-20 Dream & Intercession of the Red Trump stock double-bottom breakout coming





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11-8-20 Dream & Intercession: Red Trump stock double-bottom breakout coming



2:44 am I woke from this vivid dream. I was a stock trader once so I understood it well:


I saw a red-lined stock chart on a old CRT screen so that the line was actually made up of red dots. Left to right I saw the RED stock had plunged, hit a bottom, bounced up a bit, then hit the same bottom but was ever so slightly above it (about 2 cents), then bounced up about 2 cents above the last bump, then wiggled sideways with little one cent bounces but on increasing volume, which you would miss if you didn’t have a volume indicator superimposed like always did, along with a fine-tuned MACD and other favorites of mine I had programmed when I technical-traded.


Well I could see the last big broken “support” floor that would now be my next “resistance” ceiling  would give me a quick $0.45 per share pop, from $3.03 “ask” to $3.50, so if figure it’s best to sell at $3.48 so they will take my order.  This is a classic ‘double bottom pattern’ or ‘reverse head & shoulders’ topping pattern, which is a major “buy” technical indicator!


I hadn’t traded for a long time so I had to quickly look for my password into my Nasdaq Level 2 system, which in the dream was ‘Market222.’  I was so excited I almost put my limit order in for a ton of shares – that’s what you do when playing small pops on a rally, one after another, buy-sell for the corrections or pauses to limit time exposure risk, and repeat until the stock has fully rallied.  But I was so excited I almost mistakenly put my limit in for $3.50 (the first projected pause) and so sure of the bottom & pop out of the reverse shoulder on higher volume!


I correctly got IN and I laughed, and filled with expectant joy I woke and knew right away that RED Trump Re-Election stock was ‘just about’ to pop out of this key bottoming pattern!  A major rally is ‘about’ to happen.  Surprise!  The way God always works to “thwart the wisdom of the so-called wise ones.”


Now after I wrote this down, I did something I hadn’t done for a long time but I felt compelled!  I kneeled on my exercise pad by my bed and prayed & wept in worship till 3:22 am!  I felt compelled to come into the courtroom of the Father with my head bowed and arms back like wings, only seeing a reflection of His glory off the floor, His Son at His right side, the King of Kings.  I thanked Him for the honor.


I felt waves of wind and heard a build up of whooshing and as I did my arms at my side were compelled to start circling with each whoosh, increasing in speed.  I thought how odd I was doing this.  I had seen this a couple times in prophetic worship on YouTube. I saw it once in a swan at Reed park when in the Spirit I asked God if His creation praised Him throughout the day. The swan sat up on top of the water for 1 minute straight by flapping his wings.


Now I understood a host of angels were in the court praising God in expectation of what was about to happen, and a buildup was happening toward a mighty wind!  I was compelled to shoot my hands straight up as a little child reaching for their father and I interceded for all God’s children for Him to hold them in His arms, comforting them with the Holy Spirit (Paraklete = the alongside counselor and comforter) during this refining fire of the Church where their faith in God is being tested, after so many millions of dreams, visions, prophecies, and prayers for God’s servant, Trump, to be re-elected.  People from all over the world have been told by God to intercede for Trump – nothing like this in history!  If you are well read and networked to Christians you will know this.  Otherwise you will believe the spirit of deception unleashed in the world and believe it’s just more fake news from the red/right.


I woke up praying in tongues and am not stopping today. There is a strong spirit of deception unleashed, so strong that many in the church don’t even know they are being lied to by the father of lies, Lucifer.  It is because they are not currently in the Spirit.  They are in the flesh, even religious flesh, and just as natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit, they are not either.  Therefore, they are also susceptible to a strong delusion from the enemy of God.  They believe the lie that Biden is America’s rightfully elected president.  They are unaware of the rampant fraud being detected and not reported by the lying media, unaware of the army of lawyers filing lawsuits, unaware of the criminal prosecution that will follow, unaware of the massive recounts that will by law have to occur, unaware that all this will take weeks if not months, and mostly unaware of The Truth God has revealed to millions of His servants all over the world, or if they are aware they reject it as fake news.


Wake up church!  Now is the time to use your weapons from heaven, from the Spirit to pull down strongholds (a).  Now is the time to Intercede for Trump by Christ’s authority, pray without ceasing (b), to pray & sing/psalms with your understanding AND pray/psalm by the Spirit in tongues (c). <Notes> a) Ephesians 6, 1 Cor 12-14, b) 1 Thessalonians 5:17, c) 1 Corinthians 14:14-15.


Now is NOT the time to go back to sleep by being passive by watching evil take over America with abortion on demand up to the moment of birth funded by your tax $, watching millions of people lose their jobs and more people commit suicide from a national lockdown mandate, watching millions more lose their jobs and terrorism explode as our oil independence is phased out in 10 years, watch as we become Socialistic and disintegrate into poverty like Venezuela, and the list goes on. The American experiment, what our fore-fathers and every Veteran died for, will all be in vain, because the Light of the World that Jesus called his Church to be, well it decided to sleep in!  Don’t let this happen.


There will be no 2024 re-capture!  The globalists like the progressive Dems backed by George Soros and the like, will not allow it.  Now is our last stand.  We must fight with OUR God-given WEAPONS of WARFARE.  Now is the time!  Fight with God, alongside God, and All things are possible.  Jesus promised us!  Praise the Lord – and don’t stop for he has authority in heaven and on earth.  Pick up your heavenly weapons and use them on earth – thy kingdom come, thy will be done!  Amen.


Now that I’m loading this page on 2/27/21, I stand by every bit of it!  I know what I saw and heard as clear as day – one of the most profound experiences of my Christian life.  In my excitement I assumed that the “breakout” would occur very soon, but I have to admit some bottom patterns in stocks take a long time to form.  I do know that when it does, almost nobody will be “buying” Red-Trump stock.  Only the absolutely professional “insiders” will know to do this and they sure won’t advertise!  When they do “announce” their interest, they aren’t worried that others will “jump on the bandwagon” because this will cause the Red-Trump stock to take off even faster.  There’s no doubt in my heart that God has the ability to do this.


The first “bump” or middle of the “W” bottom could have been the enthusiasm that all the states sewing for election fraud would actually be able to present their piles of evidence to the Supreme Court, be even now they are refusing follow-up cases!  The failure of the Republicans to stand by Trump in Congress and let the Democrats illegally cast the state elector votes and then failure to prevent the second impeachment trial from even starting has “shaken out” most other “hopeful investors.”  Many believe there is no hope, but the prophets of God and the people holding onto all the massive amounts of voter fraud evidence know better.  These “insiders” are busy working!  And so is God!  By the time most of you find out, the professionals are “fully invested” and have made their moves.  Then you will find out, cheer, and jump on the band-wagon.  And this “snowball effect” will turn into “an avalanche of truth that will shake the earth” God showed me on 1/10/2021.  Of course, all the timing is God’s.  Much must be accomplished behind the scenes!




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