11-6-20 Rhema to walk out revelation to really know it – all is possible alongside God





Video:  11-6-20 Rhema:  Walk out revelation to really know it - all is possible alongside God


11-6-20 Rhema: Walk out revelation to really know it – all is possible alongside God



This morning I received these Rhema words of revelation from God:



“Revelation is not an end in itself.”  Gnosis in Greek is just factual, informational head-knowledge.


“We must walk it out to genuinely know it.”  Ginosko in Greek is to know by experience, especially through relationship.


“When we walk out the revelation then we will genuinely know ME.”  This is epiginosko in Greek – “it’s the real thing” knowing!  Why? Because we can only see and hear what God is currently doing and saying, just as Jesus said he did. The Lord showed me this.


Then God showed me Eric Liddell running in the ‘Chariots of Fire’ movie, running so fast with his mouth wide open and head cocked back, feeling the pleasure of God – as he would often testify.  I asked, “Did he feel this because You were pleased with him because he was also a godly evangelist and later missionary to China where he would die in prison?”  His story sure inspired me!  “No!  When Eric communes with Me, at that point he feels what I feel as I am running and now he is genuinely knowing Me.  He saw what I was doing and joined WITH Me in it.”


Eric was more than just “walking out” the revelation – he was running it out!  When this happened he would run right by all his opponents like a processed man, because he was WITH God.  Then God showed me what  Jesus said, “All things are possible WITH (para) God.”


Greek Para = “closely by the side of.”  That is why the Holy Spirit as the Parakletos noun “calls us from close beside” (parakaleo verb) in His teaching, counseling, consoling, and comforting. It’s not from afar like preachers at churches or in our faces as a lecture from an irate parent or boss, but always gently (Galatians 5:22-23), right up next to us like a loving friend with their arm around our shoulder.


Skill” is transferred from God’s performing to our performing at the moment we are communing in fellowship WITH (para close beside) Him.  That is why “All things are THEN possible WITH (para close beside) God.”  We have to remember Zechariah 4:6 vision of the New Covenant when God said:  “It shall indeed absolutely NOT in fact be by might & power but by My Spirit.” God is shouting with the use of the absolute negative!  And Hebrew for “might & power” = all of man’s external resources & internal abilities.  That was the old covenant – man trying so hard to obey God to receive his loving favor. It’s all conditional on our “might & power!


But Jesus said “WITH man (para close beside of yourself or any other man) this (what he was calling them to do, even going beyond the OLD to the NEW) is indeed impossible, but WITH God all things are possible.”  That is the New Covenant supernatural enabling, dynamite-like dunamis power of the Spirit of holiness.


So we must “walk or run or fly” out the revelation God gives us to commune in fellowship with Him and experience His feelings as we both DO it together and THEN His skill and ability transfers to us.  Otherwise we are still “in the flesh” and thus still in our own “might & power” even if we are doing it FOR God (the OLD covenant way) – it still is not the NEW Covenant way, which is WITH (para close beside) God.  Unfortunately so much of what goes on in the modern church is just OLD way stuff, because it’s an assembly of Christians stuck in OLD ways.  This is the building of The Great Wall quenching the Holy Spirit in the Church.


Let’s get back to the NEW way!




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