11-3-20 Dream of God using Trump to keep promises to get God’s job done





Video - Part 1:  11-3-20 Dream:  God using Trump to keep promises to get God's job done

Part 1


Video:  Part 2 - 11-3-20 Dream:  God using Trump to keep promises to get God's job done

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11-3-20 Dream:  God using Trump to keep promises to get God’s job done



Trump was talking to a judge at her house for an hour while I waited for him in his mini-van.  When he got back I asked why so long.  He said she had ruled against him often and so he thought it would be good to build more of a relationship with her.  I told him that  this set me behind in getting to my music gig in time.  My wife was with me, too. He said not to worry because he would get me there in plenty of time, so he took hold of the steering wheel and drove.


Trump drove us straight thru a massive golf course, taking the short cut as the crow flies!  It was crazy!  We were going down these big hills over bumps and rocks and through the ruffs with golfers staring at us.  It didn’t even phase Trump what others thought of him.  He made a promise he was going to keep and he was direct about it, unflinchingly determined about it, and knew how to get the job done, period!


I told my wife that his other car Trump drove me in was much smoother, like a Cadillac.  He heard me and  interrupted, proudly telling us exactly the type of tank-like car it was, and what was special about it.  All I knew was that you couldn’t feel a thing in it.


When I woke I thanked the Lord for putting Trump at the steering wheel of America once again, for making him so direct and unswerving in his determination.  I was told that the Lord made him like this just for this period of history to fight for his people – Israel and the Church.  And God is not done fighting for us, so the Lord will use His vessel, His servant Trump for His purposes until He accomplishes them.  Praise the Sovereign Lord!  Praise Him, you who are called!  Praise Him for the great victory today!  Witness the mighty hand of the Lord and watch in AWE at HIS landslide victory.  His opposition is like dried grass and He is a about to burn it all up!  Watch in AWE!


Now on 2/27/21 as I create this page, I can see the great work God has done thru Trump to expose vast, systemic election fraud in the US that has been going on for a long time, but now especially as our elections have been infiltrated by foreign interference, electronic voting fraud, and mail-in ballots without any voter verification.  The mainstream media, liberal courts, and big tech are doing everything in their power to hide this, but I’ve seen 100s of eye-witnesses, data analysts, and fraud experts exposing this through every avenue that isn’t being censured, even before state legislatures for so many hours!  Even the limited ‘audits’ are corrupt, run by the very same people who stole the election!  All the evidence is being destroyed as fast as the culprits can, machines being blocked from examination, and the list goes on.


Multiple states are suing but the courts won’t even look at the evidence, all the way up to the Supreme Court!  Analysts all over the world are watching this play out, worried it can happen to them, or laughing at our politicians play their games, while so many people in America are locked out of the truth.


God is not done yet with this evil!  He will continue to expose the culprits and their day of reckoning is coming!  Trump is not done yet either!  He created the Patriot Party and it will crush the Republicans because of their duplicitous Rhino weakness and collaboration with the Democrats in fraud on almost every level imaginable.  This is very similar to the Roman Empire right before its fall!  Yes, God will allow America to be brought to its knees because of its embrace of such sin, for “God shall not be mock, for they will reap what they have sown.”  And because of their prayers to heaven through the great misery coming, God will pour out His Spirit in the greatest revival the world has ever seen.  But only when they have repented in mass!  Forgiveness and blessing only come after confession, repentance, and surrender!




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