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After your last pre-performance personal Drum Practice session to prepare for ANY Band rehearsal




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  • Verify the Band’s rehearsal venue even has a drum kit and whether it is acoustic or electronic.


  • Pack up everything so you won’t forget anything when you leave:


A pair of headphones or earbuds in case you have to plug into an electronic drum module to partially monitor the drums if the sound is bad.


A personal power monitor, long cord, and power strip in case they don’t have one, so that you will play in time with the rest of the group.


If they don’t have a drum set rug to keep the kit from sliding around.


Verify they have a music stand with a light (if a dimly lit stage)!  Bring clothes pins just in case they have wind blowing around!


Your drum charts plus several pencils with erasers, because invariably others will need them to mark their music too! Even though you hopefully had practiced your charts so much that you don’t need to look at them but can now just focus on feeling the music or worshipping the Lord, the Band may very well change the charts, and so to “become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22), you will need to mark your charts with the changes so you can practice them at home!


A drum lug-adjusting key used for removing drum pedal beaters and fine tuning their kit.


2 pairs of sticks in case one breaks, plus any brushes or mallets needed.


Your bass drum pedal with hard and soft beaters, especially if they have electronic drums.


A water bottle, wipe-down rag, and small fan with a long enough power cord in case it’s unbearably hot, which is often the case for drummers.


Any hand-drums or hand-percussion needed.


If you have stick or percussion changes, a covered TV tray or trap table is a good idea.  You can also place your fan, wipe-off rag, and water bottle on it!




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