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Drummer’s prep checklist at ANY Band rehearsal




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Hopefully your Band, especially if it’s a Worship-Band, is open to the Spirit-Perform page checklist suggestions.  If they still are hesitant, they can always read the nitty-gritty theology behind these conclusions from this BLOG.  If they are still struggling with this approach they can Contact Us for a clinic on “Worship by the Spirit rather than by Might and Power.”



 Set up your gear right away so that the Band isn’t waiting for you:



  • Insure you have a monitor or earbud (in one ear) for good sound.


  • Make sure the drum set is on a rug so the kit won’t slide around on you.  This has ruined more than one gig for me!


  • Insure all the bolts on the drum set are tight.  I’ve had a few Crash cymbal stands and Low Tom legs collapse on me!


  • Make sure the drum set is tuned (if acoustic) and that the instrument type and sound levels for each pad are the way you like them (if electronic).


  • Insure your trap table, sticks, hand-percussion, fan, wipe-off rag, and water bottle are all in place.


  • Place the music stand so you can keep a peripheral eye on the Band leader’s hands because they often vary the tempo and dynamics!


  • Before your Band starts playing, it’s a real good idea to spend some quality time in proseuche Conversational-prayer with the Lord in fellowship!  I would think a Worship-Band would do this!  2-minute token prayers grieve the Holy Spirit!  Remember the Lord’s words:  “For where 2 or 3 are gathered in My name/authority, there am I among them.”  This is a special time to bask together in His presence, showing that you have surrendered your control to His Holy Spirit to fill you, guide you, and teach you ALL things – especially the worship music you are about to rehearse!


  • Do a sound check with the rest of the musicians, insuring you can all hear your monitors well.  Watch others if possible – sight is faster than sound!


  • Arrange your drum charts in the order of the Band’s rehearsal if you haven’t already prepared this.  However, sometimes they make last minute changes.  Place your pencil on your music stand.


  • Find out the tempo they take each song at or use a tap-metronome app on your phone, replacing the previous “BPM” marking in the upper left-hand corner.


  • Mark in the upper left-hand corner for each song if the piano or guitar lead the band in, or if you will need to set the tempo with a “Click Off.”


  • After you play a section or song, make any changes you need on your chart in pencil.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions – now is the time!


  • After you are finished with all the songs, ask any more questions now – last chance!  Mark your drum charts.  Keep the charts in the order of the service.


  • Thank the Lord, the Band’s leader, and the other musicians for the opportunity to play such beautiful music together, especially in at least your worship of the Lord!


  • Pack up your gear, putting everything back the way you found it, just as if you were never there!



If you have another chance to personally practice your drums to prepare, take advantage of the opportunity to rehearse the changes you made to your drum charts to any recordings the church has provided or to songs on the internet if they aren’t too different.




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