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22 min. Playing With God (22PWG):



Video – 22PWG:  Anointed, Prophetic, Spontaneous drumming on a practice pad in my favorite park on 12-21-2021


Playlist:  Principles to learn drumming


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For drumming from just a “technical” point of view, see also Drums.


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“22 min. Playing With God” (22PWG) is a better way to learn drums. You can use your “might and power” to earn your “skill” and pat yourself on the back. Good luck on reaching your goal-posts, because I see these always being moved by yourself or others once you “think” that you have “arrived.”


A better way is to receive “skill” or “self-mastery” as the result of revelation from the Lord as you enter and stay in His presence “by His Spirit” where there is Joy! (Zechariah 4:6; Galatians 5:22-23).


If you take “Jo . . . y” out of the “Journey” all you have left is “urne” – and that sounds a lot like where they put your ashes after you have died and been cremated. I’ve found that without “Jo . . . y” all my hard work “earning” skill just dries me up into an “urn” full of ashes!



7 Reasons for the title “22 min. Playing With God” (22PWG)


1. They say “21 days creates a habit,” so I figure 22 ought to nail it!  Nobody seems to have time nowadays – but evidently enough time for FaceBook and video games, and many people’s attention spans can’t make it over 30 minutes.  So I figure I can give you of the “GOLD” in 22 minutes that the Lord reveals to me over 1-2 days of practicing in His presence.  However, if you want to learn more, just click on another video or check out more of my website pages.


2. God has revealed to me often the importance of remaining like a child in many ways, especially the JOY of playing.  As kids, we couldn’t wait to go outside and play!  The Lord has also emphasized sharing all aspects of life in intimate fellowship with Him, including our playing!  Instead of playing by yourself, play with your best friend – the Lord! You will feel His JOY!


3. 22 Hebrew alphabet letters created the Old Covenant Logos Word of God that prophesied of a much better New Covenant through the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua), the Christ or “Anointed One.”


4. The Aaronic or Levitical Old Testament that Ezra and the Great Assembly recognized as their bible was only 22 books, not 39 as many people claim today is the Jewish bible.


5. 22 categories of creation were made by God in 6 days. “Fascinating,” as Spock would say!


6. Outside the 4 Gospels and Acts (which is part 2 of the Gospel of Luke), there are 22 other books in the New Testament. Very interesting!


7. Now for a bit of vanity – January 22 is my birthday!  Some say that 22 is a “Master number” that motivates people born on that day to work hard with precision, self-direction, and self-discipline to move ideas into reality.  Maybe coincidently, that has summed up my life!




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