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Mike Burris’ Student Videos



If you are one of my students, or was a student of mine, and you want to show off your playing, insert the video or playlist URL below.  Keep on enjoying your drumming, and if there is anyway I can help you get there faster, please reach me through the Contact Us page.  Thanks!


Pics of Mike’s Students & more!



Featured student:



10th-grade Drummer Elliott Semonsky in his Drum-Teaching debut video.  See other videos of him playing at the top of this Playlist.



Other cool students:



YouTube Channel of 7 year-old Hunter James


Video – Concert of Christ United Methodist kids I taught


Hunter Jarman playing ACDC’s “TNT” at a Guitar Center show


Pierce Dozier at a Guitar Center show


Nick Hubbard playing Tom Sawyer by Rush at a Guitar Center show


See also Video Playlist of other videos of Mike’s students.




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