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22 min. Playing With God (22PWG):



Video – 22PWG:  Anointed, Prophetic, Spontaneous drumming on a practice pad in my favorite park on 12-21-2021


Playlist:  Principles to learn drumming


See also Spirit – Practice – Drums and Spirit – Performing – Drums


For drumming from just a “technical” point of view, see also Drums.


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“22 min. Playing With God” (22PWG) is a better way to learn drums. You can use your “might and power” to earn your “skill” and pat yourself on the back. Good luck on reaching your goal-posts, because I see these always being moved by yourself or others once you “think” that you have “arrived.”


A better way is to receive “skill” or “self-mastery” as the result of revelation from the Lord as you enter and stay in His presence “by His Spirit” where there is Joy! (Zechariah 4:6; Galatians 5:22-23).


If you take “Jo . . . y” out of the “Journey” all you have left is “urne” – and that sounds a lot like where they put your ashes after you have died and been cremated. I’ve found that without “Jo . . . y” all my hard work “earning” skill just dries me up into an “urn” full of ashes!



7 Reasons for the title “22 min. Playing With God” (22PWG)


1. They say “21 days creates a habit,” so I figure 22 ought to nail it!  Nobody seems to have time nowadays – but evidently enough time for FaceBook and video games, and many people’s attention spans can’t make it over 30 minutes.  So I figure I can give you of the “GOLD” in 22 minutes that the Lord reveals to me over 1-2 days of practicing in His presence.  However, if you want to learn more, just click on another video or check out more of my website pages.


2. God has revealed to me often the importance of remaining like a child in many ways, especially the JOY of playing.  As kids, we couldn’t wait to go outside and play!  The Lord has also emphasized sharing all aspects of life in intimate fellowship with Him, including our playing!  Instead of playing by yourself, play with your best friend – the Lord! You will feel His JOY!


3. 22 Hebrew alphabet letters created the Old Covenant Logos Word of God that prophesied of a much better New Covenant through the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua), the Christ or “Anointed One.”


4. The Aaronic or Levitical Old Testament that Ezra and the Great Assembly recognized as their bible was only 22 books, not 39 as many people claim today is the Jewish bible.


5. 22 categories of creation were made by God in 6 days. “Fascinating,” as Spock would say!


6. Outside the 4 Gospels and Acts (which is part 2 of the Gospel of Luke), there are 22 other books in the New Testament. Very interesting!


7. Now for a bit of vanity – January 22 is my birthday!  Some say that 22 is a “Master number” that motivates people born on that day to work hard with precision, self-direction, and self-discipline to move ideas into reality.  Maybe coincidently, that has summed up my life!




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Mike Burris’ Student Videos



If you are one of my students, or was a student of mine, and you want to show off your playing, insert the video or playlist URL below.  Keep on enjoying your drumming, and if there is anyway I can help you get there faster, please reach me through the Contact Us page.  Thanks!


Pics of Mike’s Students & more!



Featured student:



10th-grade Drummer Elliott Semonsky in his Drum-Teaching debut video.  See other videos of him playing at the top of this Playlist.



Other cool students:



YouTube Channel of 7 year-old Hunter James


Video – Concert of Christ United Methodist kids I taught


Hunter Jarman playing ACDC’s “TNT” at a Guitar Center show


Pierce Dozier at a Guitar Center show


Nick Hubbard playing Tom Sawyer by Rush at a Guitar Center show


See also Video Playlist of other videos of Mike’s students.




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Thousands of Christian songs, but few are anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous!



There are thousands of pre-composed Christian odes – hymns (a) and psalms (b) that appear to be all for God, but I haven’t found near as many that are spontaneous in the present moment.  Also we will never know for sure how many are composed or improvised out of their own “might and power” flesh, out of their own body’s resources or that of others and their own identity’s soulish mind, emotions, and will-power.  The artist still ‘owns’ those songs even if they are composed and/or played for God.  We also won’t know how many were composed or improvised “in/by/with My Spirit, says Yahweh of hosts.”  God ‘owns’ those songs because they were created in/by/with Him.  The songs of unredeemed man, the natural man, are his ‘own.’  The songs of redeemed man, if composed and/or performed by the same “flesh” as a natural man, are still just his ‘own.’  This is only religion! <Notes> a) acapella songs, b) psalmos:  “hit, twanged, plucked, or twitched” songs with/without singing.


Sure, a satanic dark metal song that was meant for evil can surely be used by God for good (a), because God is sovereign over the affairs of man.  Sure, God can even make a donkey speak for Him if the crooked prophet won’t (b), because God is sovereign over the animals.  Sure, God can even make rocks cry out praise for God if the little children didn’t (c), because God is sovereign over inanimate objects.  But you will never see that these are God’s first choices nor His will for His people!  There’s hundreds of verses about His will, many of which we have explored in this website regarding music.  Christian musicians shouldn’t be trying to “be conformed or pressed into the image of this world, but be metamorphically transformed by the complete renewing of their minds” (d).  Why are they spending their time trying to make a song created by “natural man,” a worldly song, somehow better for God?  Why are they using the same methods or “rocks” borrowed from the world to build their own songs for God?  This is how The Great Wall quenching the Holy Spirit becomes taller!  Why not surrender control of our “might and power” flesh and compose and perform 100% “in/by/with God’s Spirit?” <Notes> a) Genesis 50:20, b) Numbers 22:28, 30, c) Luke 19:40, d) Romans 12:1-2.


We cannot judge (a) the composer or the performer, “for Yahweh sees not as man sees:  Man looks on the outward appearance, but Yahweh looks on the inner man/heart (b)” (c).  However the effect of such music is noticeably different – one “bears much fruit that glorifies the Father” because the Christian “branch” was connected or “abiding in the Vine of Christ.”  And the other that wasn’t “abiding in the Vine, apart from Me can do absolutely in fact nothing” (d).  Even though we cannot see inwardly like God can to judge the artist, “a tree is genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko known by its fruit (e)” (f). <Notes> a) krino: critique, b) lebeb, kardia, c) 1 Samuel 16:7, d) John 15:1-6, 8, e) karpos: outcome, f) Matthew 7:16, 12:33; Luke 6:44.


The stories of many inspired songs are absolutely amazing, a testimony to God’s enabling-power!  For example, Handel’s 260-page oratorio, 3-hour “Messiah” took only 24 days to compose because Handel said he saw it performed in heaven, and he was writing it down as fast as he could!  God ‘owns’ that song, not Handel!  Handel only penned it.  God’s gold oil of anointing or consecrated ownership is upon it.  When it is performed, even by worldly men, it is still God’s song.  Sure, God can use anything – what was meant for evil, even an animal or a rock – to accomplish His will, but He sure loves using things He created in the first place for that very purpose, like Handel’s “Messiah.”  I’ve seen it performed by worldly men and it still brought people profoundly into the presence of God, but not as many as when it is performed by musicians fully surrendered to the enabling-power of the Holy Spirit to play “by the Spirit” right then and there!  In that way the once-prophetic song is once-again being prophetically played, because God is freshly revealing His mind through its playing, so it is still directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema word!  What a huge difference in effect!  This is pure silver!


But if you really want to experience a supernatural “atomic bomb” of worship, then compose and play anointed, prophetic music acapella like a hymn or instrumentally like a psalm right in the here and now spontaneously “by the Spirit”!  Not only did God once-upon-a-time create it and maybe even perform it through an anointed musician, but He does both NOW in the present moment and that’s what makes it such a powerfully-enabling, directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema word of God!  It is NOW directly from God to and through you to others!  That is what I’m advocating – GO FOR THE GOLD!


As Christian musicians, have you felt the difference between composing and/or playing “by the flesh” and “by the Spirit?”  Can you discern an anointed song or a prophetic song?  Are your eyes glued to the music stand or freed from it?  Have you experienced the Holy Spirit guiding you to play spontaneously?  Please share your experiences here with others.  Do you have some recommendations for others to listen to?  What have you learned from them that works and doesn’t work?  Please paste in the video’s URL in the BLOG comments so that others can just click on it.  Thanks!




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Great spontaneous prophetic worship YouTube playlist available.



Click here for a Great Spontaneous, Prophetic Worship YouTube Playlist of songs that have had a profound effect on the audience, significantly different than thousands of other songs I’ve listened to.


Click here for fellowship-with-God, anointed, inspired, inspirational piano worship by DappyTKeys based on 1 Samuel 16:23 for healing.  I have written much about these subjects on this website, so this man really fits!


When I play them I’m almost always swept into the presence of God.  Most of the songs are a mixture of “might and powerfor God and “by My Spirit” as is so much within Christendom, so I will make notes here to look that will help you ‘see’ the “signs that confirm the logos gospel message” (a).  Feel free to comment on these and share with others the songs you have found, especially if they are anointed, prophetic, and even spontaneous!  By judging (b) the fruit (c) instead of the person, we can get a pretty good idea of the state of the “tree.”  When we see the fruit/outcome, we can learn from this and decide for ourselves if that’s what we really want in our own music – more “flesh” and its outcomes or more Spirit and His outcomes!  Paul said: “For what have I to do with judging (b) outsiders?  Is it not those inside the Church whom you are to judge (b)?  God judges (b) those outside” (d).  <Notes> a) Mark 16:17, 20, b) krino: critiquing, c) karpos: outcome, d) 1 Corinthians 5:12-13.


As Christian musicians, do you have some recommendations for others to listen to?  What have you learned from them that works and doesn’t work?  Please paste in the video’s URL in the BLOG comments so that others can just click on it.  Thanks!




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