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BT1:  Some of my experiences of praying in tongues

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I can’t tell you exactly when I first experienced praying or worshipping the Lord in tongues, but I know it was sometime after 1985 when I had my 2nd Spirit-Baptism after 8 hours of looking up the word “Spirit” in a Strong’s Concordance and checking my Greek study-tools to verify the New Testament usage.  I had the same experience from 1983 but now I knew WHO it was!  I soon abandoned the Church of Christ for misleading me with Cessationism – see Tongues – BT14 and I started attending a ‘on-fire’ charismatic church named “Grace Chapel” in Tucson, Arizona.  There I was challenged to seek the Lord for tongues.  I studied a ton to verify that it was legitimate – some of those notes are here.


One night alone in my bedroom I was feeling so very grateful and started praising the Lord, but when tongues started to come out, I immediately was worried that it was from demons as so many Cessationists had told me.  So I told the Lord that I never wanted to be involved in false religions of demons but wanted to “Worship by [singular] Spirit and/coupled [singular] Truth” just as “the Father is presently/ongoingly zeteo ‘seeking-by-inquiry, investigating to reach a binding-resolution’ such people to routinely worship Him” per John 4:23-24.


As I returned to worship more tongues came out of my mouth and lasted a long time, but this time I felt peaceful about it.  I was intrigued over the different pitches, articulation, and rhythm that sounded very musical though I was never good at singing, just drumming.  Then suddenly I started praising the Lord in ornate, flowery, adjective-heavy, poetry that actually rhymed in sound more than Psalms!  This also went for a long time.  This amazed me even more because I absolutely struggled in school with creative writing and especially poetry.  I never liked it and for that reason never really got into Psalms.  I also had approached Christianity from 1980-1985 mostly from a dry, Spock-like, unemotional, intellectual viewpoint, having focused a lot on bible-study gnosis information.  But my 1983 and 1985 Spirit-Baptisms opened deep wells of emotion, and I was again feeling a great unconditional-love, joy, and peace.


In shock as I was feeling all this and saying all this, I asked what had just happened.  Instantly I was aware that the Lord had interpreted for me the tongues, and the reason they had sounded so poetic was because it had indeed been a highly-structured, rhyming poem of adoration & thanksgiving to the Lord, just as in the original Hebrew the Psalms actually are though in English you can’t tell – another reason that bible translation is inadequate – see Bible Info.  With this revealed knowledge I immediately felt so humbled that I had questioned such a beautiful thing as tongues and told the Lord I would never doubt Him again but would have faith that He knew exactly what He was doing with tongues.  Sure enough, there have been many times if I wondered if it was worth spouting off so many unintelligible words when I thought maybe I should just stick with English, and then He reminded me of this amazing event and how humbled I was to have doubted Him.  Tongues really is perfect praise & thanksgiving!


Sometime after 2008, after having been away from the Lord for 15 years, I took a class on the Holy Spirit at that old Grace Chapel now called “Grace for the Nations” from an old friend Gerry Loper.  Before that I was led to read Forgotten God – Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit, by Francis Chan.  There is a whole story about how supernaturally I even found out about this book and another about the class.  During the week we would read and practice praying in tongues throughout the day as we learned from the book The Walk of the Spirit – The Walk of Power by Dave Roberson and then EACH ONE OF US would share our experiences with the class – this was the real church, real Body-Ministry!


Gerry only coached & facilitated the class as “equippers” are actually defined to do in Ephesians 4:12, simply inviting the Holy Spirit to be our “One Teacher” as Jesus said there was in Matthew 23:8.  With the Body-of-Christ allowed to actually be the “saints that do the work of ministering” and surrender to the Holy Spirit “working through us” as in 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 to “teach one another,” I’ve never seen so many manifestations of the Holy Spirit at a church ever!  Almost everybody experienced supernatural tongues, even all throughout the day, signs & wonders and lots of prophecy.


After 12 weeks, we had felt like our churches had hidden the keys to the powerful Christian life – although only 8 had originally signed up for the class, somehow 42 other people from others churches showed up.  We begged to have a follow-up class to go deeper but the :Grace for the Nations” church never did.  How very disappointing!


Later, I remember praying under my breath in tongues while working at the house all day after someone at my “Freedom Fellowship” church gave me a rubber wrist band that interpreted meant “[I strongly urge you to] presently/ongoingly pray unceasingly” – an imperative from Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 as “the will of God in Christ Jesus for you,” one of the few places “the will of God” for Christians is actually stated – New Covenant Way – BT16!  That night and the next day I had so many unexpected miraculous events take place it freaked me out!  I’ve seen this pattern often, soon getting lots of prophetic visions and dreams.


Sometime after this while I was jogging around Reed Park while proseuchomai praying in tongues, when I came to these willow trees by the golf course pond I saw something like a 1000 butterflies come out of the trees that appeared strangely brighter and sparkling.  I thought maybe I was getting heat-stroke!  Then somehow “in the Spirit” I saw a smaller than soccerball-sized fruit, light-ruby-colored-grapefruit-like or light-blood-red-orange-like, between me and the trees and I was told to “reach out, take, and eat.”  All the fruit was the SAME because “a tree is experientially, relationally ginosko known by its [singular] karpos fruit” per Matthew 12:33 and Luke 6:44.  I can’t even find a color that matches it, because somehow it’s a mixture of all 3 primary colors of light, not actually reflected light which paint is.  I used to mix these 3 colors and couldn’t quite get what I saw, being a brighter, clearer version of 50% red (love), 33% yellow (joy) and 17% blue (peace)!  I think Akiane complained about not being able to mix paint to get the colors she saw in heaven – see Unconditional-Love – BT3.


When I bit into this karpos fruit, I was overwhelmed with unconditional-love, but as I started recovering from being ‘plowed’ by this, I then tasted “immense joy” (a) that so “overflowed” (b) that it made me profusely cry with such praise & thanksgiving (c). Then I felt “a peace of tranquility that passed all understanding” like the whole world was a sea of glass (d), and then I had genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge of all the other words in the Galatians 5:22-23 list of “joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith/faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” to some degree – very similar to the way a good wine, the “fruit of the vine” (e), gradually ‘opens up’ with more complex flavors after sipping it for a while.   Having taken a couple of wine-tasting classes and helping choose wines for restaurants has helped me to discern the more subtle flavors, which is likely why “discern by-the-means-of the Holy Spirit” (f) requires “gymnasium-like practice,” and is the “solid food” (g) – see New Covenant Ways – BT16. <Notes> a) Matthew 2:10, 28:8; Luke 2:10, 24:52; Acts 15:3; Jude 1:24; 2 Corinthians 8:2, b) 2 Corinthians 7:4, c) 1 Corinthians 14:16 within tongues; Colossians 2:7 abounding; Colossians 4:2 in watchful proseuche prayer, d) Philippians 4:7, e) Matthew 26:29; Mark 12:2, 14:25; Luke 20:10, 22:18 – see New Covenant Ways – BT7 for more about “The New Wine,” f) 1 Corinthians 2:14, g) Hebrews 5:14.


Although there are other ‘special events’ of tongues, I noticed that they ‘well up within me’ like those “a spring/fountain of running water, hallomai ‘leaping, springing, bubbling, gushing up’ unto zoe genuine-life everlasting” as Jesus promised in John 4:14.  In my 1983 Spirit-Baptism I felt this water rushing into my chest to the point I thought I would explode so after 5 minutes I cried out for it to stop.  In my 1985 Spirit-Baptism I fell this water rushing into the top of my head, down my arms, and down my legs to pin my feet to the ground!  This often suddenly occurs during times of personal and world crisis.  More often I feel a “deep groanings alaletos ‘in-utterable, in-expressible, muted sighs” like Paul says in Romans 8:26, and then suddenly out comes tongues, leading me to believe that actually what Paul meant there is that they were not expressible with “words by the [fruitful, productive] mind of me” though the Spirit indeed can when “our minds are unfruitful/unproductive” as he states in 1 Corinthians 14:14-15, so he determined to pray & psalm (instrumental music with/without singing) doing both.


The more I see the Lord accomplish more & more after prolonged periods of tongues, the more trusting-relying-faith I have to just “let go and let God” to do it even more!  I believe our obedient steps of faith by such routine surrender is how we “taste and see that Yahweh is good” per Psalms 34:8.  After writing these BLOGS I am more convinced than ever and plan on doing a LOT more praying & psalming in tongues and also ask more in Christian-assemblies for interpretations of mine or other’s tongues.  Our faith is the only limiting factor because our God is NOT “a mute idol” as 1 Corinthians 12:2, but is repeatedly proved to be impartial, abundant in His giving, and determined to prophetically speak His directly-spoken/heard rhema words by His phone Voice to us.


On 3/6/2022 I was praying in the shower about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and all the suffering.  I was also praying about why so much of Christianity seems difficult and that there had to be a better way to succeed in both of these situations.  Then I saw a classical or medieval catapult launching fire balls like “Greek Fire” over walls of the enemy that were so tall that soldiers were like ants and no ladders or other devices were likely to get over them.  Through dreams, visions, and revelation the Lord revealed to me that the “Fire Balls” were:  “It’s always been the same – My love” which reminded me of other dreams and visions showing enormous power unleashed to supernaturally remedy what seemed like a hopeless situation.


Then I asked the Lord, what is my part in all this that I’ve been praying for and how does it relate to His answers about the enemy camps in the world?  He showed me that whether it’s “the world, the flesh, or the devil” the solution is the same:  “Constantly be launching the catapults of My unconditional-love.”  But how?  Then He showed me the words Jude 1:20-21 and 1 Corinthians 14:14-15 “routinely proseuchomai conversationally-praying by-the-means-of the Holy Spirit” means “by-the-means-of tongues.”  Then I remember an incredibly powerful class at Church I took around 2009 where we read and practiced the book The Walk of the Spirit – The Walk of Power by Dave Roberson, which was all about praying throughout the day in tongues.  For 10 weeks we all shared supernatural stories of power!  We felt like the Church had hidden the keys to the treasure chest!  Thank you Lord for reminding me that I need to do this simple thing throughout the day to do my part in your military campaign against the Russian government, the flesh, the devil, and all other tyranny and sin in this world. For many more details, see the entire post.



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