Being a little child in the Lord’s Presence

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1-8-22 Dream: Being a little child in the presence of the Lord to be filled with His Spirit’s Joy

Being a little child in the Lord's Presence - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


1-8-22 Dream: Being a little child in the presence of the Lord - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


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I woke up from the most incredible God-dream!  It began with me as a middle-aged man waiting in a room for a job interview, though oddly I was dressed very sloppily with sweat pants on.  I was facing a large computer screen, sitting next to a young man on my right also doing the same.  It seemed like we waited forever!  He was so bored that he fell asleep slumped in the chair with his mouth wide open.  I was so bored I turned on the computer and was starting to do some interactive program, but it was so much like a multi-tasking video game geared to this ADHD generation that I got frustrated and thought that if this company was looking for these kind of “wired” people, forget it!  Just then a lady in a white power suit came up to escort me into the hiring office.  I saw a candidate leave.


The man behind the desk was like so many professionals I’ve seen with their fancy suits thinking they are someone really important and so very intimidating.  I jumped through his ‘hoops,’ but felt like his questions never really accessed who I am, the persevering hard worker that I am, or the initiative and adaptability I’ve displayed in various careers.  I left the office frustrated that their screening process was so superficial, that I probably slipped right through there ‘mesh,’ and that they “lost a good one.”


When I became aware of this negative dream I asked the Lord why I would be dreaming something so stressful and seemingly non-applicable.  I’m 62 years old and You told me that I would “never have another ‘job’ again” because You spoke my Identity to me and gave me my mission that started www.SpiritMusicMeetups – see My Story for details.


Then I saw the young man that had left the hiring office before me all dressed up in his fine dark grey suit playing with a motorized submarine in a koi pond that was in one of the rooms – this was a fancy building!  I was judgmental that a grown man was playing with a kid’s toy – and in their koi pond!  He asked me to join him but I laughed and said I had better things to do with my time!  Then he waded into it with his nice shoes and socks and I said, “Are you kidding me?  You’re going to ruin your leather shoes!”  In real life I had koi pond it would stain anything with its stinky muck!  Then he waded up to his knees and I said, “You are going to stain your expensive pants!”  Then he waded up to his chest and I said “You’re crazy!  You are going to ruin you nice jacket!”  He just laughed and invited me to join him.  I thought he must have a screw loose – no wonder he didn’t get the job!  None of this made any sense so I left that room.


Then I found myself in the room where all the little children are dropped off by parents that work in the building.  It was like so many day-cares at gyms with plenty of things for children to play with.  However, it was their ‘nap time,’ like I remember from my kindergarten days, and they were all in their beds – 1 here, 2 there, etc.  When I came into the room, for some reason I laid down on a bed right next to 2 little kids and before long all the kids were all on that bed with me like so many pillows!  One little child, so small he looked the size of a large baby, crawled up onto my chest, but he slid off and off the bed and almost went head first onto the floor, but I caught him just before he did!  We were all on the bed laughing, feeling joyful, playful, and peacefully-restful and knew we would fall asleep together like a pack of animals in the wild!


Then suddenly I found ‘my real self’ on the outside balcony of this building.  I say ‘my real self’ because I realized that the Man in that room with the little children was not me, though I was looking through His eyes.  This has happened often in other prophetic dreams when I suddenly realized that I’m looking through Christ’s eyes!  The ‘real me’ was now on a shady balcony looking out towards beautiful landscaping with tall trees and green grass in bright light.  The balcony had an old iron trellis with vines framing my view.  As I admired the view and contemplated these past events of childlike behavior even from adults, the stresses of playing the pretentious game of being an adult and a professional, and then the “Joy of the Lord” with this kids, suddenly the trees started shaking with a buffeting wind that rattled the iron trellis.  It was so strong it was pushing me backwards so I grabbed the columns that framed my view to try to hold on.  The light was shimmering like reflections off the leaves of the tree.  It was violent, but instead of fear I was filled with such intense joy I just wept and wept and wept – when I woke up my pillow was wet!  I knew that I was genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko knowing the “Joy of the Lord that is our Strength” per Nehemiah 8:10.  I wanted to stay there forever, but I woke up with my annoying cough!


I had been battling an annoying cough for days from sinus drainage but last night was my first trying a cough suppressant.  It must have worn off!  I had this cough show up around 4 am during the night when the first round wore off, but I learned from the Praying Medic to bind those demons time and time again until they finally leave.  They will keep coming back to test your resolve, but if you persist rebuking them in the name/authority of Jesus, then they will finally give up and you will get your healing.  Well at 4 am I wasn’t too good at it because I was so tired.  It worked for a while.  I would start falling asleep and it would come back.  I did this 3 times and finally just got up and took my dose.  How do I know this was demonic?  Because it always came right when I started praying and falling asleep!  Now this morning when I wanted to go back into the prophetic dream to ask more from the Lord and re-live this profound joy, which I have been able to do up to 2 hours long in previous prophetic dreams, after getting a bit of insight from the Lord, sure enough the coughing spell returned!  And it was so frustrating that I felt like I had to get up!  Obviously, I still have to learn more about taking Christ’s authority over demons for healing!


But I managed to get this insight from the Lord:  I have been really wrapped up with the ‘nuts & bolts’ establishing of the content foundation, search-engine-optimization, and visibility of this ministry.  It’s taken so much time and has worn on my health, likely setting me up for this cough.  I haven’t gone out into the park as much lately to “play my drums prophetically” and even to “learn as a little child by experimenting to keep it fun.”  I’ve been obsessing about being an adult doing my ‘adult work’ – even professionally, even worrying about finances like adults do.


Thank You Jesus for ‘waking me up’ to what You really care about, and that I can trust You by faith for the rest – and that I can peacefully-rest in this!  Then Jesus reminded me of what my student’s mom told me yesterday that helped her get through the nights with her bad cold that I likely got from her last week:  “Just do what we used to do as kids – spray the back of your throat with chloraseptic spray.”  So I’m heading out to get some today!  Thank You Jesus for speaking to us so many ways!



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