Obedient Steps of Faith – BT18:  The Law was only UNTIL the Christ and SINCE preaching of the gospel

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Video: Obedient Steps of Faith - BT18: The Law was only UNTIL the Christ and SINCE preaching of the gospel



Obedient Steps of Faith – BT18:  The Law was only UNTIL the Christ and SINCE preaching of the gospel



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The Old Testament (OT) was simply to form the Jews as a “peculiar people” for God (a), holding His children by the hand, as Paul explains in Galatians 3:22-25 “The graphe scripture (b) definitively/wholly sugkleio ‘closed/locked up together in prison without a way of escape and thus subjugated to the power of the jailer’ ALL things (particularly Jews) hupo subjugated-under SIN in order that The Promise (c) from Jesus Christ ek out-from trusting-relying-faith might be given to those routinely/habitually having trusting-relying-faith . . . ” <Notes> a) 1 Peter 2:9 in KJV, BRG, PHILLIPS, NMB, b) whole/entirety of OT Law per note A1 of Logos Word of God – BT5, c) of the Spirit as an inheritance from v. 3:14, 18-19.


Paul continues:  ” . . . BEFORE The-Trusting-Relying-Faith (The Christian Faith) erchomai came-from-one-place-to-another, we were phroureo ‘guarded as with a military sentinel’ (a) hupo subordinately-under the Law, routinely/habitually having been sugkleio ‘closed/locked up together in prison without a way of escape and thus subjugated to the power of the jailer’ eis toward-and-reaching-the-goal-of The mello ‘surely-about-to-happen’ Trusting-Relying-Faith was to be apokalupto ‘revealed to uncover what is currently there but hidden,’ so that the Law had become [with ongoing effects] our (Jew’s) paidagogos child-guardian (b) eis toward-and-reaching-for-the-goal-of Christ’s coming in order that we might be justified/made-righteous ek out-from trusting-relying-faith .  .  .” <Notes> a) just as the Holy Spirit’s enabling-power now does over our hearts: 1 Peter 1:5; Philippians 4:7, b) paidagogos:  hired servant that would insure minor-aged kids got to school and back safely – see 1 Corinthians 4:15-20.


Paul continues: “. . . BUT NOW that trusting-relying-faith has come, we are absolutely-in-fact-NO LONGER under a paidagogos child-guardian (a), for in Christ Jesus you are ALL huios mature-sons (b) of God, through trusting-relying-faith.”  Why would any Christian want to read or attempt to do any of the 613 commandments of the OT Law when they make you an enslaved prisoner and treats you so strictly as an immature child, but remember that 97.4% of the OT is based on the Law, the very reason that the early Church in no way used most of the OT – see Logos Word of God – BT8.  <Notes> a) paidagogos:  hired servant that would insure minor-aged kids got to school and back safely – see 1 Corinthians 4:15-20 “countless guides in Christ”, b) although Gentile-Christians are adopted, we are also now at the age to receive our inheritance, born not of the slave woman Hagar or Law but of the free woman Sarah, the firstfruit or guarantee of that inheritance being the promised-Spirit that enables us to be led by the Spirit in our freedom:  Romans 8:14, 23; Galatians 3:18, 4:3-9, 30; Ephesians 1:11, 13-14.


Don’t Christians understand the differences between BEFORE, BUT NOW, and NO LONGER?  In Galatians 4:9, Paul questions why these huios ‘mature sons (Jewish-Christians) ready for their inheritance’ from v. 4:7 having “come to experientially, relationally ginosko know God, or rather to be experientially, relationally ginosko known by God [through Christ], how you can [NOW] turn back-again to the [Law’s] asthenes weak-worthless-beggarly-poor and/coupled ptochos destitute stoicheion elementary or rudimentary ‘abc’ fundamental principles [the way little-children have to be simplistically and repetitively taught by strict rules] to which you desire back-again, again to be enslaved?”  Paul would ask the same of many Christians that insist on reading, studying, and trying to do any of the 613 commandments of the Law!  He would freak out that Gentiles are embracing what Jews finally got free from!


The Law was like epitropos household-guardians and/coupled oikonomos household-managers [, so the Jews were being] hupo subjugated-under UNTIL the time appointed by [singular] Father” (a) while they were learning their stoicheion rudimentary ‘abc’ fundamentals (b) of the Law but also from the prophetic logion oracle-utterances of God (c), especially NOW 365 or so verses about the Messiah and His completely-different-in-kind New Covenant (d).  This 2.6% of the OT were the verses used to convert early Jews – see also New Covenant Ways – BT13a.  These still may be used for Jewish conversion in today’s church, but certainly never the ‘whole/entirety’ of the OT as many have sadly misinterpreted the Greek of 2 Timothy 3:15-16 – see Logos Word of God – BT7.  Even Jesus said:  “For ALL the Prophets and/coupled the Law prophesied UNTIL John” (e) and SINCE THEN the Good News (gospel) of the kingdom of God is preached” (f) – there is nothing here about writing it down to later be read.


<Notes> a) Galatians 4:2, b) the little-children kind of learning: Galatians 4:3, 9; Colossians 2:8, 20; Hebrews 5:12, cf. 2 Peter 3:10, 12 the building-block-elements of the earth will be destroyed by fire, c) Romans 3:2; Acts 7:38, d) Hebrews 5:12; cf. 1 Peter 4:11 likewise people speaking in church should be utter these oracles NOW, e) Matthew 11:13, f) Luke 16:16.


Christ is the telos consummating-ending-aim of the Law [that is] eis toward-and-reaching-the-goal-of righteousness to everyone routinely/habitually having trusting-relying-faith” (a), “having ‘obliterated, blotted or washed out’ the grapho handwriting of dogma ‘authoritative, universally-binding doctrines, precepts, decrees, laws, and ordinances’ that was against us. He has already taken [with ongoing results] it out of the way (or our midst), having definitively/wholly nailed it to the cross” (b). <Notes> a) Romans 10:4, b) Colossians 2:14-15.


Even though there is a big difference between circumcised Jews and uncircumcised Gentiles, “God is ONE – who will justify/make-righteous the circumcised ek out-from trusting-relying-faith (NOT the Law) and/coupled the uncircumcised dia through-the-realizing-channel-of trusting-relying-faith (a).  “Christ Himself is our peace, who has made us both one (Jew & Gentile) . . . , katargeo having ended, abolished, nullified, and made ineffective’ the Law of commandments expressed in ordinances in order that he might create IN Himself one man in place of the two, so making peace, and/coupled might reconcile us both to God IN one Body through the cross” (b). <Notes> a) Romans 3:30, b) Ephesians 2:14-16.


Paul continues:  “Therefore, since we have been justified ek out-from trusting-relying-faith (NOT the Law), we have peace with God dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of Him we have kai and/also (Gentiles, not just Jews) obtained access by-the-means-of trusting-relying-faith eis toward-and-reaching-for-the-goal-of this unconditional-loving-favor-of-grace in which we stand” (a).  <Notes> a) Romans 5:1-2.


Paul warns Jewish-Christians tempted to return to the Law:  “We know that a person is absolutely-in-fact-NOT justified/made-righteous ek out-from works of the Law but dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of trusting-relying-faith of/belonging-to Jesus Christ, kai and/specifically we [that] have already-had trusting-relying-faith eis toward-and-reaching Christ Jesus, in order to be justified/made-righteous ek out-from trusting-relying-faith of/belonging-to Christ and/coupled absolutely-in-fact-NOT ek out-from ergon ‘doings/works’ belonging-to the Law, because ek out-from belonging-to-the Law absolutely-in-fact-NOT will be justified/made-righteous any flesh (a).” <Notes> a) Galatians 2:16.




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Spiritual Education, The Old Testament imprisoned the Jews under sin UNTIL the promise of Jesus by faith, The Law guarded the Jews in prison UNTIL Faith in Christ was revealed, The Law treated the Jews as little-children highly restricted like slaves by strictly escort-guarding them, After God’s righteousness by faith came the Jews are freed from the Law’s slavery, Jesus came to free the Jews to NOW be mature sons for their inheritance, Only 2.6% of Old Testament that is 365 Messianic Prophecies used to convert Jews, Since Christ only the preaching of Good News so NO more scripture, Jesus ended the Law nailing it to the cross, Christ abolished the Law of commandment, The Law cannot justify you

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