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11/29/20 a waking vision:  Unconditional-Love contains infinite peaceful-rest



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I woke up feeling very agitated with worries about difficulties with our Obamascare application that I have to call them on, feeling bogged down developing this SpiritMusicMeetups website, and other household responsibilities crying out for attention – all competing for my limited time and energy.  My heart was racing with anxiety and depression, not wanting to get out from my warm covers and face the cold room and cold world, even though the bathroom was also crying out to me!  Ugh!  So I cried out to the Lord, “How did you handle so many pressures in Your life and so much rejection?  How did you not worry, get upset, or get depressed?  How?”


Then I remembered He was called the “Prince of peace.” However, peace is not what I’m feeling!  I don’t feel at peace with people close to me because I’ve had recent arguments.  I don’t feel peace about the terrible election fraud and media cover up that is going on.  I don’t feel peace about the great doubt over the validity of the incumbent’s rightful re-election that is being stolen – doubts even from Christians that should know better, especially since many prophets have seen God’s plan for the re-election and for America, and I’ve also been given so many prophetic dreams about it as with many friends of mine – how could we all be wrong?  I don’t feel peace about the amount of work left on this website and how it has taken so much time away from other important things in my life.  Much of its development is tedious writing, editing, and design.  I don’t feel at peace about so many things in life actually!


What is peace anyway?  The word is sure used a lot in the bible – see also Peaceful-Rest for more details.  In the Hebrew Old Testament 237 times, the noun shalom comes from the verb shalam that means “to make amends or to make whole or complete, without any deficiency or lack.”  Thus the noun speaks of “wholeness and completeness without any lack, and thus the Jewish ‘blessing or invocation of peace’ is for “general welfare or well-being including health.”  In the Greek New Testament 92 times, the noun eirene comes from verb eiro meaning “to join or tie together into a whole.”  Thus the noun means “wholeness, oneness, unity, or reconciliation because all essential parts are joined together. It also carries the idea of quietness and rest.”  Our word “serene,” meaning calm and peaceful, comes from this Greek word.


Jesus said that the peace He leaves us is His peace and it’s absolutely not in fact like the peace the world gives us (a).  The world says peace is “the absence or opposite of tribulation (b).”  The world says peace means an escape from tribulation or destruction of it by the use of brute force or even armies.  But Jesus said, “These things I have spoken to you in order that IN/by/with (c) ME you might ongoingly have eirene peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but I strongly urge you to ongoingly be of tharseo good courage/boldness/cheer (e) – I have already, with ongoing results, victoriously conquered (d) the world” (e), where Jesus next talks about going to the cross.  How could He be so calm, tranquil, restful, and quiet while thinking about the suffering of the cross, such a great thlipsis tribulation?  <Notes> a) John 14:27, b) thlipsis: pressures that constrict or rub on us, that hems us in, confines or restricts us, distresses or afflicts us, even persecutes us, c) en followed by the dative case can mean IN the location/sphere of, by the means of, or with the company of, d) nikao from nike, e) John 16:33.


Then I saw the Lord sleeping in a boat in a terrible storm while His disciples were yelling and screaming in panic about that boat being swamped with waves and capsizing.  I looked for this story afterwards and found it in Mark 4:35-41.  Even though Jesus was surrounded by all that noise, jostling of the boat (a), and water soaking Him, He was sound asleep in the stern on a cushion, so soundly that His disciples said, “Teacher, don’t you care that we are perishing?  That’s when Jesus woke up!  I asked the Lord in my bed while feeling the world tugging at me from every direction, “How could you possibly sleep through all that?”  Then He answered, “My peace I give you.”  And suddenly all my fears, anxieties, worries, agitation, and restlessness just melted away.  I was as tranquil as an ocean with no waves, like glass perfectly reflecting the clouds.  I thought how impossible it was to feel this way and so I just laid there for the longest time in awe and wonder!  Now I understood what Jesus did in the boat after they woke Him from His peace.  He “rebuked (b) the wind and/coupled spoke (c) to the sea, ‘siopao Silence Now! (d) phimoo Become Speechless Now [with ongoing results]!’  And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”  He had told the wind and waves to “Shut your mouths now and keep them shut!” <Notes> a) I’ve got sea sick enough times in rough waters to know you can’t sleep from the nausea and fear, b) epitimao: ‘corrected to prevent wrong,’ more wrong in this case, c) imperatively, with forceful urging.


That’s what Jesus meant about “speaking to the mountain:  Be taken up and thrown into the sea” (a)!  Jesus made the physical world like His internal world of ‘quietness’ by taking authority over the demons that were trying to “steal, destroy, and kill,” who are taking their orders from those all the way up the chain of command to Satan himself, who is ultimately to blame (b).  Remember that Jesus as the “Messenger of Yahweh” said to Satan, “Yahweh rebuke you, O Satan.  Yahweh who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you!” (c)?  That’s how Jesus took control of the situation!  When Jesus gave me His peace, He replaced my thlipsis tribulation with His eirene peace, just like He did in the boat!  I bet He did it the same way, by rebuking the demons under Satan’s orders!  Satan, the evil one (d), “is in the world” (e) and is the “god of this world” (f), the “ruler of this world” (g), “the prince-ruler of the exousia delegated-authority-power of the air” (h) who is over “the arche ruling-firsts-chiefs, the exousia delegated-authority-powers, for he is the kosmokrator world-ruler (Satan) of this present darkness and of spirit-kind-of [forces] of evil in the heavenly realms” (i), and “the whole world lies in/by/with the evil [one]” (j).  Jesus wasn’t rebuking His heavenly Father, but the “god of this world” Satan!  I really hate it when people and insurance companies blame earthly disasters on God, calling them “Acts of God.”  Blasphemy!  Jesus likely rebuked the demons in my life that were overwhelming me.  Then He gave me His peace. <Notes> a) Mark 11:23, b) John 10:10, c) Zechariah 3:2, d) Matthew 13:19, e) 1 John 4:4, f) 2 Corinthians 4:4, g) John 12:31, 14:30, h) Ephesians 2:2, i) Ephesians 6:12, j) 1 John 5:19.


After a long while wallowing in this tranquil peace, I asked the Lord, “How can you have such peace?  Where does this come from?”  Then He reminded me of what He said to the disciples after He quieted the storm, “Why are you actually, presently so dreadfully-afraid (a)?  How are you presently having absolutely in fact yet-still no trusting-relying-faith?” Now I understood that Christ’s peace had to do with His pistis relational conviction of trusting-dependence on His Father.  The result of not having this trusting-relying-faith caused the disciples to freak out in pure terror for the possible loss of their lives!  Peace only comes from a faith-based koinonia fellowship with the Father.  <Notes> a) deilos: dreadful, excessively fearing loss, cowardly.


So I understood the theology in my head, but I wanted more, so I asked:  “Why is this so?”  Then He reminded me of the many times I was Spirit-baptized.  Each time I was initially overwhelmed by infinite no-strings-attached, completely non-judging, completely accepting, unconditional-love that pleroo filled me up to completion “with all the pleroma abundant-fullness of God by the means of the Holy Spirit” (a).  But this time, it not only felt like every cell in my body and mind was saturated, I physically felt a covering around me, like my whole body was wet with a heavy “living water,” like it was “anointed with gold oil” an in my 1-25-2021 vision, or in 2008 when I walked into a “wall of pure Unconditional-Love that wrapped its arms around me.”  Then I understood a 10-24-2020 vision of the massive Fortress-Rock and how safe I felt deep inside that sea cave deep inside the Mountain, the Bedrock of Christ.  Then I remembered these Spirit-baptisms and how I felt afterward:  If the whole world around me just suddenly exploded from a nuclear holocaust I wouldn’t care one bit, because where I was right now at the time was zoe genuine-life like I had never experienced before, and where I was right now at that time was the safest place to be in the universe – no harm could possibly come to me because I was deep inside God and God was flowing throughout my entire body with incredible enabling-power.  I was fully protected.  I was saved! <Notes> a) Ephesians 3:19, 5:18.


Now I understood the peace of Jesus that “He gives, which is absolutely not like the world’s.” He doesn’t escape from sources of tribulation nor climb over people or destroy them in order to get peace.  Christ’s peace is despite tribulation in the world, but Jesus has the authority through Jesus to speak that peace into the world in order to quiet it down.  Now I understand where that peace comes from – it comes from The Unconditional-Love that is God (G = L and L = G by symmetry) that I understood from Unconditional-Love – BT4 and subsequent BLOGs.  I understood it in my head then, which is gnosis info-knowledge (theology), but now I had experiential, relational ginosko knowledge.


After I settled down from the overwhelming nature of this Unconditional-Love, and got past the profuse tears of grateful joy, I could feel this “peace of God that routinely is superiorly surpassing (a) all reasoning mind (b) that shall actually guard (c) your hearts and/coupled your minds IN Christ Jesus” (d).  Exactly!  The peace of God that IS Christ’s that He gave me completely shattered all my human reasoning, because the world has a billion ways to get it, but they are ALL wrong ways – and I’ve tried too many.  God’s peace comes from one place, Himself, especially since “God actually, ongoingly IS defined-as/exists-as Unconditional-Love” (G = L) (f).  <Notes> a) huperecho: is held above, c) nous: mind, reason, intellectual ability, d) phroureo: keep watch like a military sentinel, e) Philippians 4:7, f) 1 John 4:8, 16.


Not only did John know this, God has told me this personally many times.  The Unconditional-Love of/belonging to God” is the “genitive case of possession” (a).  It is absolutely not something that He owns, as one of His own creations, and it’s certainly not something that just came along and He grabbed it for Himself.  This is what we do, but not Him!  Agape unconditional-love is the very definition of Him, the eternal, infinite I AM. He eternally exists as this! <Notes> a) Psalms 52:1, 8; Luke 11:42; John 5:42; Romans 8:39; 2 Corinthians 13:14; 2 Thessalonians 3:5; 2 Timothy 3:4; 1 John 2:5, 4:9, 5:3; Jude 1:21.


Absolutely everything else we see about God is a reflection from a facet (like from diamond), flavor (of a singular fruit), or further description/aspect of agape Unconditional-Love that is ek out-from-the-interior-of God (L = G) (1 John 4:7).  “The [singular] fruit (b) of the Spirit IS actually, ongoingly agape Unconditional-Love” (b) (S = L) just as John said (G = L and L = G) from the previous BLOGS.  If both the Spirit and God are Unconditional-Love, that makes the Spirit equal to God (G = S = L).  Christ calls us to “meno abide/cohabitate/remain in/by/with My Unconditional-Love” (c), so clearly Jesus is saying that His is Unconditional-Love (J = L), an this is of the Godhead (G = S = J = L)!   See A 11-21-2021 Vision about Meno abiding. <Notes> a) 1 John 4:7, b) karpos: essence or nature, b) Galatians 5:22, c) John 15:9-10.


All the other words Paul uses in Galatians 5:22-23:joy peace patience kindness goodness trusting-relying-faith/faithfulness gentleness self-control” that come after “Unconditional-Love” are without any punctuation or conjunctions, and they can’t be more “fruits” because there is only 1 [singular] fruit-essence-nature-definition of the Spirit and that is Unconditional-Love.  Most scholars agree that these are simply adjective-nouns Paul lists as descriptors/flavors of unconditional-love, the singular fruit, especially because Paul uses most of these words to describe unconditional-love in other writings of his like 1 Corinthians 12:4-7 – see Unconditional-Love-BT7.




As Christian musicians, do we want to be stuck with attempting to intellectually understand ancient words in a foreign language or put our trust in 900 English bible translations that are radically different from one another?  The “promise” of the completely-different-in-kind-superior New Covenant is NOT more bible study like the Jews has perfected, “line upon line, precept upon precept” as God mocked them in Isaiah 28, but “the One Teacher” Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son, infinite Unconditional-Love, dwelling within us so that we may be like little children to discern God’s will NOW by that Holy Spirit.  And instead of just having gnosis info-knowledge in our head, we will have experiential, relational ginosko knowledge in our hearts.  I FELT the peaceful-rest of God and this is simply one “flavor” of the singular-fruit of the Spirit that is Unconditional-Love, which is the ANSWER to all of our needs!





Lord, praise Your name for “keeping this hidden from the so-called ‘wise and understanding ones’ but un-hiding it for little children and the other ‘least among us’ first.”  We totally surrender to You and “wait upon You” for your filling or Spirit-baptism.  Then we will truly be “wise and understanding” by the means of Your Spirit (Zechariah 4:6).




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