Prophetic Rhema – My Rhema & Logos – 2016





Mike Burris here.  Although I’ve sprinkled my revelations from the Lord throughout this website, I’m going to try and keep a master list here instead of on every scrap of paper in my house.


I’m also going to keep other logos messages to the Body-of-Christ here so I they can easily find them.  And I’m going to chronologically order them with the most recent on top.



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10-17-16 Dream of great coming evil and then revival


8-31-16 Lawyers use the Law of Chantilly Satan to condemn others


8-9-16 Steps of Faith & Grumbling dream of a bus ride to missionary school


8-5-16 Dream of Holy Spirit Teacher with a Fruit patch tag


8-5-16 Dream of a Spirit butterfly guiding my drumming


6-4-16 Dream of Jesus as The Massive Head




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