10-17-16 Dream of great coming evil and then revival





About His second coming Christ said: “Will I find faith when I return?”  He showed me that He was very busy in these last days sending out people into the world that can “blend in” very well into their background with special camouflage.  They lay in wait in some seemingly impossible environments.  Many were swimming under oceans hidden from view, able to breath because God had supernaturally surrounded them with their own bubble of air.  Some were underground in holes dug into the grass and surrounding plants.  You wouldn’t even know they were there until their head suddenly popped up!


These people of trusting-relying-faith were everywhere and each was a “nuclear bomb” just waiting to be “activated” by the enabling-power of God’s Holy Spirit, the enabling-power to not only “destroy the devil’s works” but to enable God’s faith-full people to “do even greater works” than Jesus did!


The Lord showed me a horrific war going on between Him, His angelic hosts, and His people of trusting-relying-faith against Satan, his demonic host, fallen angels, and much of the world who have rejected Christ, who are “going their own way, serving only themselves.”  Great suffering will continue and worsen as the world turns away farther from the protective hand of God’s safety and His godly ways. The suffering is the result of Satan and his pleasure, his invading hoards, and the evil of a selfish mankind who follows them by following their own fleshly desires.  Jesus said, “The Thief comes only to steal, destroy, pollute, corrupt, and to kill” (John 10:10).  There was great suffering in the Church for “judgment begins in the house of God” – both “suffering for doing wrong” like the world, but also “suffering for doing right.”


As the judgment of the Church and the world grows worse, so many will shake their fist and blame God.  But the “judgment and suffering” everyone is experiencing is the work of Satan, either as the “fruit of doing his wrong” or his persecution for “doing the right of God.”  God has reserved His judgment and eternal punishment until the very end.  Until then the Lord’s kindness and patience is poured out continually, desiring everyone to turn to Him (repent) and obey the gospel of His Son to come back into God’s protective hand and be restored to wholeness – that’s the meaning of “salvation” in the Greek of Romans 2:4.


Nevertheless, God’s “people of trusting-relying-faith” were everywhere, just waiting to be activated with great enabling-power to destroy the works of the devil, right where they were!  “In that very hour, that very moment” they are needed for God, He will empower them by the Holy Spirit, giving them “the very words, the very actions needed in the very situation to destroy the devil’s works and manifest the Great News of the Gospel – all because they simply kept their trusting-relying-faith – remained trusting and dependent on Christ.




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