8-5-16 Dream of a Spirit butterfly guiding my drumming





I was enjoying playing my childhood drum set in my childhood home’s carport.  As I was, I saw what looked like a butterfly colored and shining like the sun coming into the carport, attracted to my drumming.  It was mesmerizing and I just wanted to watch it.  It landed on a cymbal and I was compelled to play on it.  Now I had mallets and I felt compelled to roll on it.  I felt a childlike joy!


Then it moved to a tom and I felt compelled to play on it.  More joy!  It just kept moving and I kept chasing it.  We were like two children playing a “cat and mouse” chase and I started laughing more and more – I didn’t want the game to stop, I was having the best time!  Also, I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the drumming – I was watching myself in awe!




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