Peaceful Rest – BT1 – Sharing of God’s Sabbath Rest


Peaceful Rest – BT1 – Koinonia Sharing of God’s Sabbath Rest

BT1:  Koinonia fellowship of sharing of God’s Sabbath Rest - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


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Video Part 1a - BT1:  Koinonia fellowship of sharing of God’s Sabbath Rest!

Part 1a


Video Part 1b - BT1:  Koinonia fellowship of sharing of God’s Sabbath Rest!

Part 1b Anointed Prophetic Spontaneous Drumming (APSD) application


See the intro page for my first revelations about peaceful-rest!  The next thing God said about rest I had never heard before, so it was New or fresh (a) by definition.  He said, “Enter My Sabbath Rest.”  That part I did remember from the book of Hebrews, but here it is in context:  “The promise of entering His rest still stands . . . but we who have had trusting-relying-faith (b) do enter that rest . . . so then there remains a Sabbath Rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works just as God did from His.  Let us therefore strive to enter that rest” (c). <Notes> a) chadash, kainos: fresh, completely different-in-kind, unprecedented, sharing nothing with its predecessors, unique, and superior, just as with the New Covenant, b) pistis: relational conviction of trusting reliance, c) Hebrews 4:1-11.


However, my traditional church thinking told me that meant “take Sunday off from work (a), which I’ve found is very difficult to do.  So then I thought God was just telling me to take some time off from my chores and work.  But then He said, “Remember what I shared with you before about sharing together (b) with Me in the intense joy, curiosity, adventure of exploration and discovery of drumming, and playing in that sandbox of drumming where you lose track of time?  Remember that I told you that the intense feelings you are having in your drum room are actually Me sharing Myself with you, feelings that I have when I have done those things, too?” Then I remembered! <Notes> a) or Jews to take Saturday off, b) koinonia.


Then God said, “Why I ask you to rest is to also share together (a) with Me in My rest, My Sabbath Rest.”  So I said, “You mean on the 7th day of creation (b), right?  Because I know Jesus said, ‘My Father is actually, presently/ongoingly working until now just as I am actually, presently/ongoingly working’ (c).”  Jesus said this because the religious Jews were accusing Him of ‘working’ miracles on the Sabbath (d). <Notes> a) this is a meaning of koinonia fellowship b) Exodus 20:10-11, c) John 5:17, d) v. 5:18.


But God interrupted my reasoning:  “Yes, I rested from My works for One day, but I’ve never stopped working since.  When you pause to ‘Be Still’ (a) you can enter into My rest then, and now, and that’s when you will ‘know Me.’ (a)”  I said, wait a minute!  How can I enter into your present rest now when you have never stopped working?”  He said, “Remember who I AM.  AM I not holding all things together with My Logos word  (b) while we talk together now?” (c).  “Wow,” I thought, “that’s right, He is sharing a conversation with Me while running the universe.” <Notes> a) Psalms 46:10, b) Colossians 1:17 Christ, c) The “[singular] rhema ‘directly-spoken/heard word’ of/belonging-to the [singular] dunamis supernatural-enabling-power dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of Christ” is what “routinely phero ‘brings/carries along, maintains’ ALL things” in creation per Hebrews 1:3.


Then God spoke more directly:  “I can rest and work at the same time.  Remember who I AM.”  That was humbling, like how Job must have felt after God clues him in at the end of the book (a) just WHO Job was misrepresenting to his friends (b). <Notes> a) Job 40:6-41:34, b) Job 42:7-9.


Then God invites me:  “I want you to rest so that you will also share that together with Me, so that you will know Me better in this also – just like all the other aspects of Me I have shown you.”  Wow, this restful “easy and light yoke of learning we are to take upon ourselves” Jesus spoke of in Matthew 11:29-30 comes only from connection to Jesus as the Vine (a), now as the “One Teacher” (b) of the Holy Spirit who guides us into ALL truth (c) so that we have absolutely-in-fact-NO need of any other teacher (d).  He wants to share Himself, His experiences, with us – just as any lover would!  Now that is koinonia fellowship! <Notes> a) John 15:4-8, b) Matthew 23:8 – see Teach One Another – BT10, c) John 14:26, 16:13, d) 1 John 2:20, 27.





Video Part 2a - BT1:  Koinonia fellowship of sharing of God’s Sabbath Rest!

Part 2a


Video Part 2b - BT1:  Koinonia fellowship of sharing of God’s Sabbath Rest!

Part 2b APSD application


As Christian musicians, we need to ask:  Why did God put music, His own creation, into musicians to discover?  It’s arrogant to think you created such a beautiful thing?  What about all those who came before you that you learned from?  Did they create it?  Ultimately, did the first man or woman create it?  No!  Also, music isn’t there just for you to discover for your own pleasure, fame, fortune, or other purpose, just as air or water isn’t.  If you think so, then you will approach music “in your flesh.”  Even if you are playing religious music FOR God, it is still by your “might and power,” which is part of the palaios “old, dated, ancient, antiquated, worn-out, weak, worthless, and useless” covenant that Zechariah 4:6 prophesied would be replaced by the kainos/chadash completely-different-in-kind, superior New Covenant of “by My Spirit.”


No, God shares His music with musicians so that they will pause when they feel those intense feelings – “REST, be still by ceasing motion and sound” long enough to genuinely, experientially relationally epiginosko know God’s very nature, Himself!  He told me once “The same is true of sunsets, sunrises, flowers, bird song, or any of My creation – if you pause long enough and really ‘see’ My Beauty, then you will know Me.”  I’m going with what God told me!


Part of God’s very nature, His Beauty, is Peaceful-Rest.  That’s why when we “REST, be still by ceasing motion and sound,” even our own talking, and just “watch and listen” long enough, we will share His own nature and by being in fellowship with Him we will experience His overwhelming, infinite Unconditional-Love that IS-defined-as/exists-as God per 1 John 4:8, 16.  Joy and Peaceful-Rest are only 2 of the most dominant ‘flavors’ of “the [singular] fruit of the Spirit that IS-defined-as/exists-as Unconditional-Love” per Galatians 5:22.  So if we epiginosko ‘genuinely, experience-thru-relationship‘ this overwhelming, infinite Unconditional-Love, then we genuinely epiginosko know God, the Father, Son, and Spirit, and we will soon experience the ‘flavors’ of the New Covenant Wine, the Holy Spirit of the Father and Son – see New Covenant – BT7.





Lord, today we will stop all our activity and sound to just peacefully-rest while we wait on You to reveal Yourself to us.  Like we can share any of your creation with You to experientially know You more genuinely, we will share this aspect of Your nature for the same result – filling us with Yourself so that we may fully know You.



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