Triple Strokes Drum Rudiments


Triple Strokes Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Triple Strokes Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups



Intro video for Triple Strokes Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Triple Strokes Drum Rudiments – YouTube Playlist


Video – Intro to Spirit Music Meetups


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Rudimental Chart Collections containing Triple Strokes Drum Rudiments:






Triples vs. Triples - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Note:  Triple-Strokes are an extension of the “compressed/contracted, closed-textured” Double-Strokes R r L l also used for rolls like R r r L l l R, but can also be “expanded/loosened” into more “opened-texture” rudiments like the Triple Diddle R R R L L, which could be found on the “Triplet-Based Diddle Rudiments” on the Diddles Page, but since the Triple-Stroke R r r is more complex, it takes precedence so I will include it here on this page.  However, if the Triple-Stroke exists as grace-note strokes of unspecified Note/Time-value as a Setup to a Principle-Stroke as with the Triple-Stroked 4-stroke Ruff lllR  or  rrrL, these are included on the Drags & Ruffs Page.  The level of complexity and uniqueness of sound has caused others in history to classify them differently, but you really should view them as all related on a spectrum of open-to-closed Texture.


Warning:  Triple-Strokes R r r L l l or “expanded/loosened” for an more “opened-texture” as R R R L L L should NOT be confused with Triplets, which is a general term for an artificially-notated Ternary-group of 3 notes in the place of 2 notes, though Triplets can also refer to any 3 strokes such as Alternating-Singles R L R or L R L found on the Rudiments – Singles page, Front-Side Triplets R R L or L L R and Back-Side Triplets R L L or L R R found on the Rudiments – Diddles page.



Video:  Billy Gladstone Triple & Quadruple Strokes with controlled Throw-bounces(s)-pull motions


Video – Triples into Single-Stroke Sextuplets and other Rolls by Filling-in with the other hand


Video – Filling-in Quadruple-Strokes for 8 Single-Stroke Rolls and Triple-Strokes for  Sextuplet 6 Single-Stroke Rolls


More to come!



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Share your blessings to help others - Triple Strokes Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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