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Note:  Double-Stroke Rolls have a Single-Stroke at the beginning (R l l r r) for a Release energy-contour, end (r r l l R) for a Buildup energy-contour, or both ends (R l l r r L) for a Dip energy-contour like a Samba.


Note:  If a Double-Stroke is “loosened” for a more “open Texture” and given a Note/Time-value as with the Single-Strokes, like R R L  Front-Side Triplet or R R L R  Reverse Paradiddle, these rudiments will be found on the Diddles page.  If a Double-Stroke is “contracted” for a more “closed Texture” into a grace-notes of an unspecified Note/Time-value and connected to a Principle-note like the 4-Stroke Roll R r L R then “compressed” into  rrL  R  Drag Tap, then these rudiments will found on the Drags Page.  The level of complexity and uniqueness of sound has caused others in history to classify them differently, but you really should view them as all related on a spectrum of open-closed Texture.




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Video:  22PWG – Progressively moving a Single-stroke thru Double-strokes for Rolls


Video:  Throw-ups 1


Video:  Throw-ups 2


Video:  Throw-ups 3


Video – 22PWG:  Inverted Doubles to strengthen and even out rolls


Video – 22PWG:  Doubles Expansion to Infinity


Video:  5-Stroke Roll numbering


Video:  5-Stroke Roll counting


Video – 22PWG:  Horse-Power of 5-Stroke Rolls


Video – 22PWG:  Horse-Power of 6-Stroke Rolls


Video – 22PWG:  Perfect Number 7-Stroke Rolls




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