Flams Drum Rudiments


Flams Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

Flam Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Intro video to Flam Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Flams Drum Rudiments – YouTube Playlist


Video – Intro to Spirit Music Meetups


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Rudimental Chart Collections containing Flams Drum Rudiments:









Note:  Flams may be found in Drag Rudiments, but since the Drag is deeper level of complexity they are instead found on the Drags & Ruffs page.  The grace-note Setup and Principle-Stroke of a Flam lR or rL create a Compound-Stroke which is more “contracted/compressed” for a more “closed-texture” than if they are “expanded/loosened” for a more “opened-texture” into alternating Single-Strokes L R or R L “Para” rudiments on the Single-Strokes page.  The level of complexity and uniqueness of sound has caused others in history to classify them differently, but you really should view them as related on a spectrum of open-to-closed texture.


Main Strokes = Strokes that have a Note/Time-value so they are not a grace-note stroke but either the Principle-Stroke they Setup to create a Compound-Stroke or other Simple-Stroke(s) that are part of the Rudiment, e.g., the lR L R L Flamacue has 4 Main Strokes.



Video – 22PWG:  Explore Flams with childlike curiosity & adventure, asking for revelation



1-2 alternating Main Strokes as Singles “Pa or Para”:


Video:  Alternating Flams


More to come!




3 alternating Main Strokes as Singles “Para Pa”:


Video – 22PWG:  Flam Accent is a Flammed Triplet that has a 1-Pulse Waltz Feel – Part 1, Part 2


Video:  Flam Accent No. 1 – Create by extending an Inverted Flam Tap or by Flamming a Triplet


Video:  Flam Accent No. 1 – Drum-Set Beats


Video:  Flam Accent No. 1 – Drum-Set Beats – Blues & Jazz


Video:  Flam Accent No. 1 – Drum-Set Beats – Jazz Swing


Video:  Flam Accent No. 1 – Drum-Set Fill with 1/8-note Triplets


Video:  Triplet Pataflafla or FlamaFlam by my student Elliott Semonsky


More to come!




4 alternating Main Strokes as Singles “Para Para”:


Video:  Flamaque


Video:  Use Motivation Specific Measurable Results (SMRs) to reach your “Hard by the Yard” goal of the Flamaque but “Cinch by the inch” 


Video:  Flamaque – Fills


Video – 22PWG:  Searching for clues in Flamaques like a little child to explore this Rudiment deeply – Part 1, Part 2


Video:  Pataflafla is like a Flammed Samba beat


Video:  Pataflafla Fills


Video – 22PWG:  Arvin’s Diddle 1 – It’s an Alternating Pataflafla!


More to come!




2 repeated Main Strokes as Doubles “Diddle”:


Video:  Flams Tap – Switch Taps


Video – 22PWG:  Foolin’ around with Flam Taps to deeply explore them – Part 1, Part 2


Video:  Flam Taps – Drum-Set Beats


Video:  Flam Taps – Drum-Set Beats – Train Beats


Video:  Flam Taps – Drum-Set Beats – Country Train & Surf


Video:  Flam Taps – Drum-Set Beats – 2-Beat Country


Video:  Flam Taps – Drum-Set Beats – Shuffles


Video:  Inverted Flam Taps – Turn your volume up!


Video – 22PWG:  MamaDada Flammed Doubles


More to come!




Main Strokes as Side-Triplets – 1 Single & 1 Diddle:


Video:  Swiss Army Triplets


Video – 22PWG:  Flam DaDa – Silliness because it’s just a Swiss-Army Triplet counted differently and alternating


Video – 22PWG:  Flammed Front-Side Triplets – Progressively move the Flam through RRL or LLR – Part 1, Part 2


More to come!




3 repeated Main Strokes as Triples:


Videos – 22PWG: DaDa Flam – Silliness, because it’s just a Flammed Triple-Stroke Reversed, but Flam Triplets too?!


More to come!




Main Strokes as Paradiddles – 1 “para” + 1 “diddle”:


Video:  Flam Paradiddle by extending Flam Accent No. 1


Video:  Flam Paradiddle – 2 Sounds, Left-lead


Video – 22PWG:  Fiddlin’ with Flam Paradiddles like a little child to deeply explore – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Video – 22PWG:  Arvin’s Diddle 2 – It’s Flammed Inside Paradiddles!


Video:  Flammed Mill or Flammed Reverse Paradiddle, expand a Swiss Army Triplet to create this


Video – 22PWG:  Anatomy of a Para Flam Flam


More to come!




Main Strokes as Double Paradiddle “ParaPara Diddle”:


Video – 22PWG:  Fun with FlamaFlamaDiddles


Video – 22PWG: FlamaFlamaFlamFlam – Gleaning-Revelation process of Rudiment breakdown & analysis – Part 1, Part 2


Video – 22PWG:  Spinning your wheels with Double Windmills


More to come!




Main Strokes as Paradiddle-diddle “Para Diddle-Diddle”:


Video:  Flam Paradiddle-diddle


Video – 22PWG:  Swingin’ with Flam Paradiddle-diddles to deeply explore them – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Video – 22PWG:  FlamaFlamFlamDiddle is a Paradiddle-diddle Flammed as Jazz-Swing over Steady Time


Video – 22PWG:  FlamaFlamFlamFlamFlam is also a Paradiddle-diddle almost fully Flammed!


More to come!




Main Strokes:


Video – 22PWG:  Triplet Flamadiddles – Tricky Nicky Rudiment as a Single-Stroke Triplet + Flammed Paradiddle


More to come!



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