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Note:  Singles can also be included with Double-Strokes in a more “expanded” or “open Texture” manner like R L L Back-Side Triplet or R L R R Paradiddle, but then the Doubles would take precedence over the Singles, causing the rudiment to be found on the Diddles page in these cases, but if the Doubles are “rolled” like R r L l R 5-Stroke Roll, then the rudiment will be found on the Doubles page.  Also, if the Singles are “compressed” or “contracted” into a more “closed Texture” manner as grace-notes of unspecified Note/Time-value and connected to a Principle-note like the 3-Stroke Ruff rlR, 4-Stroke Ruff lrlR or even the variation rllR, then those would be found on the Drags page, whereas the Flams lR or rL would be found on the Flams page.  The level of complexity and uniqueness of sound has caused others in history to classify them differently, but you really should view them as all related on a spectrum of open-closed Texture.



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Video:  Singles – RH and LH Lead


Video:  Singles – Using your wrists and fingers


Video:  Singles – As relaxed bursts to build speed


Video:  Singles – Filling in Quadruple-Strokes and Triple-Strokes


Video – 22PWG:  Filling in Triples to create Sextuplets and other shorter Single-Stroke Rolls


Video – 22PWG:  Singles Expansion to Infinity


Video:  Triplets – RLR, LRL as: DUT


Video:  Triplets – Rebounding the LH


Video:  Triplets – As an 1/8-note Triplet Beat with a 4-Feel BD


Video:  Triplets – As an 1/8-note Triplet Beat with BD on every RH for 1/4-note Triplet Feel




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