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Video: Unconditional-Love - BT12: Unconditional-love created light and ALL created things reflect God



Unconditional-love created light and ALL created things reflect God



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Furthermore, in my vision from Unconditional-Love – BT4, the Lord showed me that even our ‘light’ ‘inside the box of the universe’ was created from Christ, who is Unconditional-Love!  Even ‘light’ is a physical manifestation of the nature of God, who is Unconditional-Love!  All that we perceive as color, black as the absence of color, white as all colors blended, the way light reflects or is absorbed by all created things, and thus all that we perceive as color is the result of Unconditional-Love that is God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!


Then God revealed to me that St. Francis of Assisi’s eyes were opened to see The Truth of God, Unconditional-Love, that is exactly expressed in creation itself, because as God told me earlier: “All of creation is because of ME, through ME and for ME, and still held together by ME, Unconditional-Love.” So, I looked up Brother Thomas of Celano, St. Francis’ first biographer, who wrote about him: “As he looked out of his cave and down to Assisi from the heights of Mount Subasio, it was as if the whole of creation were spread out beneath his cave, and God’s Goodness rushed in upon him. He could only think of that pure Goodness and how God shares His life with us.  Everything good and beautiful comes from God.  St. Francis praised The Artist in every one of his works; whatever he found in things made, he referred to The Maker.  He rejoiced in all the works of the Lord’s hands, and with joyful vision saw into the Reason and Cause that gave them life.  In beautiful things he came to know The Beauty itself.  They cried out to him, ‘He who made us is infinitely good.”  On the Joy page you will see word definitions that include “beauty.”


Exactly! “Only God IS ongoingly defined-as/exists-as agathos excellent-salutary-joyfully-Godlike-good,” Jesus said (a), thus agathosune “excellent-salutary-joyful-Godlike-goodness” (b) is included as a description-flavor-facet of Unconditional-Love, which is the “[singular] fruit (c) of the Spirit” further described in Galatians 5:22-23 with a list of adjective-nouns that Paul later expounds on in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.  None of these ‘description, flavors, or facets’ of Unconditional-Love are ‘outside God’ but describe the very nature or essence of God that is Unconditional-Love.  “God IS ongoingly defined-as/exists-as excellent-salutary-joyfully-good” (G = g and g = G) and “God IS defined-as/exists-as Unconditional-Love” (G = l and l = G) are not separate statements, but ONE because “Unconditional-Love IS ongoingly defined-as/exists-as excellent-salutary-joyfully-good (l = g, g = l).  The [singular] fruit (c) of God is infinite Unconditional-Love and that it is infinitely Excellent-Salutary-Joyfully-Godlike-Good, then both are infinitely God. <Notes> a) Mark 10:18; Luke 18:19, b) agathosune for agathos:  inherent or intrinsic goodness, a unique quality or condition, excellent or distinguished in quality, respect, uprightness, honor, usefulness, beneficial, salutary, suitable, pleasant, kind, benevolent, agreeable, joyful, c) karpos: essence, nature, for “a tree is known by its fruit” per Matthew 12:33 and Luke 6:44.


If all those meanings are in agathos or agothosune “Godlike-good” above in note b, then you can see why “Only God is good!”  Read the incredible revelation God gave me on 12-14-2020 about the “Going, Doing, and Goodness of God.”  Paul concludes that “sincere unconditional-love” means “holding fast to what is agathos good” (a).  Jesus says that “unconditionally-loving [even] your enemies” means agathopoieo “making-to-do Godlike-good” to them, even “lending and expecting nothing in return” for “the Most High is kind to the ungrateful and the evil” (b). God showed me a 100 more connections to so many other verses. Just substitute “Unconditional-Love” (and Grace, which is practically the same) or “Excellent-Salutary-Joyfully-Godlike-Good” into every verse you see the words “God, Father, Son, Jesus, Christ, or Spirit” and will see how your understanding of God and His universe will explode! <Notes> a) Romans 12:9, b) Luke 6:35.


Well, as I laid in bed with tears of wonder and awe for 2 hours as God showed me these things and many more things, I realized that I, like St. Francis, could experience more of God, unconditional-love, by really looking at and really listening to the [singular] karpos “fruit-definition-essence-nature” of God, Unconditional-Love, which is displayed in the joyful Beauty of nature that surrounds me, even in my own house’s lush landscaping, and even in my drumming.  King David in Psalms 19:1-4 said it well: “The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.  Day to day pours out a directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema word and night to night reveals knowledge (a). There is no laleo speeches/stories nor logos messages where their voices are absolutely not in fact or in possibility akouo heard/listened-to-understand/know. [Their] metrical musical sound (b), goes throughout all the earth, and [their] directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words to the end of the world.”  Surely “the glory of God” is the nature/essence of God that is Unconditional-Love!  Surely that is what is being “declared . . . revealed . . . spoken and heard!”  It’s all about love<Notes> a) da’ath: discernment, understanding, wisdom; gnosis: informational understanding, b) qav: measuring line, a musical string or accord, poetic musical-rhythm; phythoggos: musical utterance.


“The voice” of the heavens and sky and each passing day and night is directly-speaking prophetic rhema words to us to create the content of logos messages and it is these that have the musical tones and rhythms of a great poem or psalm, and they reveal information, understanding, and wisdom about God, and I believe is the one glorious nature of One God that is Unconditional-Love.  So all of creation is saying: “I AM Unconditional-Love and everything is a reflection of ME!”  String theory says that all of creation is actually vibrating at different frequencies and the nature of this is what differentiates all of creation!  Anointed musicians are tapping into hearing God’s voice, the sound of unconditional-love!





As Christian musicians, since “everything created is from Him” and God IS Unconditional-Love, then it makes sense that even “the light shown in the darkness” is a reflection or facet of the [singular] fruit/essence/nature of Unconditional-Love that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are.  That means white, black, and all colors are an emanation or reflection of Unconditional-Love.  Even “excellent-salutary-joyful-Godlike-goodness” and the joy of Beauty is an aspect of Unconditional-Love.  If we look LONG enough at ALL of creation we will see, hear, and feel the fruit, definition, nature, or essence of God that is Unconditional-Love.





Lord, we know that You can be seen, heard, and felt through ALL the things that you have made, for they were created by Unconditional-Love and are held together by it.  Open our ears that we have in order to truly understand Your Voice.  Open our eyes that have that we may actually see what You are doing.  Open our emotions that we have in order to actually feel Your feelings.  Then we will understand and know You, Unconditional-Love, better!




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