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God’s unconditional-love makes all things possible and holds all things together




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From the first Unconditional-Love – BT4, the Lord continues to show me that unconditional-love exists ‘inside the box’ of our universe, even in us, even shown to others, even towards our enemies, ONLY because “God IS defined-as/exists-as Unconditional-Love” (G = L) according to 1 John 4:8, 16, WHO existed long before ‘outside the box’ of our universe.  This Unconditional-Love is just as infinite and eternal as God is, by the definition of “IS/=.”  For “all things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities – all things were created by Him, through Him, and for Him” (a), so “at the name/authority of Jesus every knee shall bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Christ is Lord (b) to the glory of God the Father” (c), for “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together” (d).  Without “God existing as infinitely, eternally Unconditional-Love” (G = L), there would be no unconditional-love IN Christians (G = L –> C) to show towards God (Upwards-Vertical love:  G = L –> C –> G) or toward people (Horizontal love:  G = L –> C –> P), and actually, there would be no universe at all!  That’s what God showed me! <Notes> a) Colossians 1:16, b) Kurios: Master, rightful owner of all, c) Philippians 2:10-11, d) Colossians 1:17.


The “God = Unconditional-Love” (G = L) and “Unconditional-Love = God” (L = G) symmetry of equality was also confirmed by my wife’s directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema word from Christ concerning Father-God: “My place is to stand where no one has stood – between God and man. I relieve the misery of separation. When the two meet I have done My work and continue to do My work. I hold you two together. If the bond were to break, the fall would be cataclysmic because Love is God and Love holds all things together. Where there is a bond it must not break.  Were you to turn away and refuse ‘your love match,’ the whole world would disappear. It exists for love.  Do you understand?  I’m not sure you do.  Love is ME and Love holds everything together.  Love is in everything.  Why take out the glue and try to tear it apart?  Self-destruction!  People are trying to disassemble their world.”  Wow!  Can you see why hearing directly from God’s directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words is so important?


It’s so ridiculous that the scientists are still stuck thinking ‘inside the box,’ looking for the “unifying glue that holds all things together” as if it originated ‘inside the box’ of the universe, when all the while it’s right under their noses – “Unconditional-Love that holds everything together,” which is Christ as God!  Jesus not only keeps Father-God connected to mankind, He keeps the universe that Father-God originally thought into being from flying apart!


That’s what was revealed to the apostle John: “In the beginning is continually (a) The Logos (b), and The Logos is continually (a) located at the destination of (c) God, and The Logos is continually (a) God – this same is continually (a) in the beginning located at the destination of (c) God. All things were made through Him, and/thus without Him not one thing was made that was made.  In Him was zoe genuine-life, and that zoe genuine-life is continually (a) the light of men. . . . The True Light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He is continually (a) in the world, and/even [though] the world was made through Him, even [then] the world did not experientially, relationally ginosko know Him.  He came to His own [people], and/yet His own people did not come-close-to-grab-hold-of-to-receive (d) Him, but to all who did come-close-to-grab-hold-of-to-receive (d) Him – who put their pistis trusting-relying-faith in His name (e), He gave them the right/privilege to become the children of God . . . And the Logos became flesh and dwelt en in/by/with (f) us, and we have seen His glory, glory as of the Only Begotten (g) the Father full of [singular] unconditional-loving-favor-of-grace and/coupled [singular] Truth (h) . . . . For the Law was given through Moses; but-contrastingly, The Unconditional-Loving-Favor-of-Grace and/coupled The Truth (h) came into being (i) through Jesus Christ” (j). The Unconditional-Loving-Favor-of-Grace is coupled with The Truth<Notes> a) the rare imperfect verb tense, b) Greek: The Message-Content Communicator – see Logos Word of God, c) pros followed by accusative case, d) paralambano: take-hold or grab for oneself by being relationally near-to or close-beside it, e) person and authority, g) en is a preposition and with the dative case, can mean in the location of, by the means of, or with the company of, as here,  g) monogenes: Unique One ‘genetically’ existing or being from, h) aletheia: absolute reality or truth – see The Truth page, i), ginomai, the root verb of monogenes, j) John 1:1-14, 17.


Don’t look to the 5 books of Moses, or the old covenant Law that saturates 97.4% of the OT – see Logos Word of God – BT5a, for anything that resembles the “Absolute Reality” about God because it is absolutely not about the Unconditional-Loving-Favor-of-Grace of God, which is The Truth about God!  That’s why Jesus is The Unconditional-Loving-Favor-of-Grace and The Truth per John 14:6!





As Christian musicians, if you only have enough trusting-relying-faith to learn about God from the bible, you are missing the very intent of its writers – for you to learn directly from God through prophetic-rhema!  Can you see how the Lord fills in so much between the lines?  Unconditional-Love = God = Jesus = Spirit and that is the “unifying-force” holding all things together, but it’s NOT part of creation, but the Creator!  The scientists are looking in the wrong direction so they will never find it!  The more we are filled with God the more we are filled with unconditional-love to love God and others by.  All things are from and to Him!  Most of the OT is the Law and doesn’t even point to NT realities.  It is NOT the Grace of God nor the Truth of God.  Jesus is both of these!  Like those scientists, if you are looking in the wrong direction for the Grace or Truth, you will never find it!





Lord, thank You so much for giving us new revelation that helps explain the old revelation but also to simply guide us to the absolute Truth about You by “the One Teacher” Holy Spirit of Christ.




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