10-13-20 Dream of Going with the Spirit’s flow to your death or be eaten by demons




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10-13-20 Dream: Going with the Spirit’s flow to your death or be eaten by demons



The whole dream really is about Zechariah 4:6’s prophecy of  the New Covenant Way versus the old covenant way that says it:  “shall be absolutely in fact no longer by might and absolutely in fact no longer by power but by My Spirit, says Yahweh of hosts.” In Hebrew, “might and power” = “All the external resources of man’s religion – temples money, priests, rituals, worship services, sacrifices, 613 laws to obey, etc. – and “power” = “all the internal abilities of man such as the innate & learned IQ, knowledge acquired by reading & studying comprehension that made the Jewish leadership, scribes, and Pharisees the ‘wise & learned’ they presumed.”


This whole “might and power” ‘way’ of the old covenant depends on man to DO  (ergo = work) “for God,” but here the prophecy says it’s about to be replaced with a completely different-in-kind New Way, which is the meaning of chadash in Hebrew or kainos in Greek for “new” used here.  The New Way is “By MY Spirit.”  That is the promised Holy Spirit!  It eliminates man and depends solely on God.


But how does man switch ways, from “for God” to “with God”?  The dream explains why Jesus said “You can’t put New Wine (the Spirit) into old wineskins.”  The Oil (of the Spirit) won’t mix with water.  Again, chadash/kainos is a patent term – absolutely nothing of previous inventions can be included in the new invention.”  But I hear so many preachers and Christian websites doing just that – including Old Testament “might & power” ways into their message.


Jesus once showed me in a dream a group of church painters starting with a big bucket of pure white paint but then adding other colors they thought were important.  The result was no longer pure white.  Jesus told me, “The same is true with the gospel.”  Well, I’ve seen the same with worship ministry.  95% of what I read or see on the web is mixing old ways with the new way, thinking they can achieve their goals by “lending God a hand.”  People are trying to copy the Spirit to get the same results.  But the Spirit is quenched, so they get “wiser and more learned” and “work harder” hoping they will get different, better results.  Year after year, hoping for more & better, by tweaking their ‘might & power.’  This is the definition of insanity, but pride keeps you trying.  The Lord showed me later that this is part of how they build The Great Wall quenching the Holy Spirit in the Church.


Here’s the dream:


I was with a friend looking down from a tall mountain to a fast-moving river below.  I said to my friend, “If we walk to where the river goes it will take a very long time and a lot of effort – this is ‘might & power – and we may not make it because it’s like desert heat out there.  Or we can jump into the river – this is the ‘living/running water’ of the Spirit throughout the bible – and get there really quick.”  So I convinced him, but he was afraid of hitting the rough rock islands along the shore.  I said, “Don’t worry, we will swim around them along with the current.”


So we jumped in and travelled far in very little time.  We came around a big bend and saw in the distance a massive Niagara-like falls that we were fast approaching.  In pure fear for our lives we swam to the right side where the current was less swift and narrowed.  Well this turned out to be the spillway for the hydro-electric falls we had been heading towards. There were rails to grab onto, though slippery, but we managed to pull ourselves out onto dry land.  But as we were drying, a vicious human-monkey-like creature attacked us and we had to move to high ground on a boulder.  We threw rocks at it, but it just sat and glared at us.


Then a viscous Doberman-like dog came up barking from behind us and now we had no hope.  Stay and be eaten or jump down off the rock and be eaten.  They both were truly demonic!  There was only one way out – jump back into the spillway and be carried over the falls to our certain death.  Then in the dream, we heard a Voice say:  “Unless a seed falls into the earth and dies, it cannot really live.”  And so we knew we had to die in order to live, so we prepared ourselves to jump in.


Then I woke and understood what Jesus meant in John 2:24f  “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.  Whoever loves his life [here] will lose/destroy it [forever], but whoever hates/despises (or comparatively loves less) his life in this world will keep/guard-safely it for eternal life.  If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me (Jesus just predicted his death here); and where I am (as a resurrected Jesus), there will My servant be also.  If anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.”  Elsewhere, Jesus says:  “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.”


The Lord explains to me after the dream:  “The flesh – all the might & power man has to offer FOR God – profits nothing because it is feeble and worthless to Me. Only My spoken words are Spirit and Genuine Life.  Jump into the river of life to your death, you are at the end of your rope. ‘Surrender‘ is 100% not 99%.”


Now I understand why so much of the worship playing I see in churches still really isn’t working well, though they keep pressing in:  They still want to pre-compose songs using their might & power, they still want to build skills for God, and they still want to plan, program, schedule, and lead for God.  But then it’s not 100% Spirit-led and Spirit-powered, is it?  They just want to repeat sections, vamp, and give the promised Spirit little spots to ‘work His magic.’


They want their ministries to grow so badly – this is clearly evident!  But then, blinded by this, the ends justify their ‘might & power‘ means.  They just won’t let go of the ‘railing’ and be swept over the falls by “the current” to their own death of “the flesh.”  They only want some of the Holy Spirit’s “current.”  But their flesh-efforts really are useless to God!  They are deceived into a “form of godliness but devoid of the power of godliness,” as Paul said of all religion.   Surrender is going over the falls!  That is WHEN the Spirit of holiness takes control.  All or nothing!  The results is anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous worship music!


But what will it take for us to “let go and let God?”




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