7-4-20 Dream of the Narrow Way to hear Jesus preach the gospel Way to Truth and Life




Video:  7-4-20 Dream: The Narrow Way to hear Jesus preach the gospel Way to Truth and Life

7-4-20 Dream: The Narrow Way to hear Jesus preach the gospel Way to Truth and Life



At 6 am I wanted to sleep in and I said to the Lord, “Speak to me, guide me.”  Then for 1.5 hrs. I went in and out of God-dreams:


I saw the words “The Way” and recalled that the early church called themselves  “Disciples or followers of the Way.”  The term “Christians” was a derogatory term given later by the unbelieving Romans in Antioch.  Then I recalled Jesus said, “I AM The Way, The Truth, and (related to this) The [zoe genuine] Life – absolutely no one [in possibility or in fact] comes to the Father except by ME.”


Then, I SAW Jesus’ words, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”  And I knew that “repent” in Greek is metanoia, which means “turn around to.”  And I turned my head and I saw a chess board and my eyes saw the “King” piece on it.  Then I understood  that I was to “turn my eyes upon Jesus (like the song says), the King, because the ‘kingdom is at hand’ when the King has come.”


Then I saw myself and others – young people dressed very inappropriately but old, cantankerous  people like myself, too – making their way up a fairly steep, old dirt road, so steep I stopped to catch my breath.  It was rutted so badly in the middle that it made it impossible to walk in the middle but you had to carefully walk with one foot on each of the sloped sides.  Jesus said in the bible that “The Way is narrow/constricting and thus difficult that leads to [zoe genuine] life and few find it,” but here we were travelling it.


We ended up piling into the biggest mega-church I’ve ever seen with brightly-lit stages all around us, waiting to hear what “The Preacher” would say –  that’s what I heard an old man feebly tells me.  And I just knew that we were going to hear Jesus preach the “gospel” because I saw that word, the incredibly great news of the King and His Kingdom.  We had “turned to the Way, the King, and now we were ready for His zoe genuine Life.”


Now I remember in the Gospel by Matthew Jesus said, “Call nobody ‘teacher’ because you only have ‘One Teacher,’ and nobody ‘leader’ because you only have ‘One Leader'” – see Coaches & Facilitators and Teach One Another pages.  Boy, how do most modern churches get around that?!  And what a difference between what they waste their time talking about and what I saw and heard in the dream!  They think ‘Life’ is somewhere else to be found other than the Jesus and His gospel. Didn’t they read the end of the Gospel by Mark that said, “God went with them, accompanying the gospel message with signs & wonders to confirm it?”


Yet, “a remnant shall be saved” is promised.  Certainly, Paul’s words to the Galatian CHURCH are true, “For you have been beguiled by another ‘gospel message,’ which is no gospel at all.”  It seems that many churches, like many Christians, like most of the world, are looking for Life in all the wrong places.”  My dream made it clear to me, “The Life can only be found in One place – Jesus.  The gospel message is the only Way to The Truth, to the Kingdom, to the Father.”  Yes, this is narrowly restrictive and so difficult for many to walk, but Jesus also said, “Broad is the way that leads to destruction and a multitude walk it.”  And He said “A great falling away from The Faith is coming” and “When I return will I find faith?”  We are certainly nearer the “end of days.”  Now is the time to get back on that road!




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