10-23-20 Dreams of Church legalists vs Spirit-flow of kind joy and Twitter Exposed





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10-13-20 Dreams: Church legalists vs Spirit-flow of kind joy and Twitter will be Exposed with Exposes



There were earlier parts to the dream I said I wouldn’t forget, but I was so tired and rushing to work that I did forget!  But this part is clear:  I had just finished playing music, and I felt happy.  I had cleaned up and wore a white long sleeve shirt with an irregular-shaped black pattern on it, button-down, with a V-neck, sort of like a martial arts gee.  This was my performance shirt.  I sat at a small, round, dark brown planning table in a room at a church.  I believe it was a meeting about the worship service following.


On my left was a tall middle-age woman, sitting very straight, finely dressed, who calmly, condescended and criticized me:  “Your shirt is wrinkled and you aren’t dressed appropriately.  We must be ‘decent and in order.'”  However, the younger Chinese woman, who was casually dressed, smiling and friendly, kindly said that actually I was very appropriately dressed because her Chinese people in the congregation were common villagers and my smock was their common attire.  I wanted to run from the lady on the left, but I felt captivated by the one on my right.


Then I saw an old woman, full of joy, leaning up against a wall with 2 men, all casually dressed. I couldn’t get over the joy coming from her!


Then I saw myself stepping in for a friend of mine, John Bujak, to take over drumming with a fantastic-sounding band in worship.  He was messing with my bass drum padding to get good sound.  At first I just played something simple to synch with the band, but once I found that sweet groove they were in, the embellishments just flowed from me effortlessly.


When I wrote this dream down, I understood the voice of the ‘old way’ of religious over-planning to put on a perfect show to honor God, so of course ‘looks’ was paramount.  That woman on my left was exacting, critical, and judgmental, just as the old covenant Law is!  I’ve played in 37 bands, and 80% of 15 church bands were much like that, worse than many secular bands – a terrible witness!  They were so focused on their “might & power” they could bring to God for God.  The “greater” among them (so-called leaders) appealed to the “greater” among them, not to “the least among them.” Looks very much did matter.


The young Chinese woman and the old woman full of joy who both spoke for the commoners, the “least among us,” both were the Holy Spirit, and the former was evidently very concerned for the underground Christian Chinese people.  I wanted to be by Her!  The 2 men with the older woman were Jesus and the Father, but I only looked at Her, though I saw that all three were compassionate, informal, and full of joy & kindness.


Regarding my playing – it flowed by the Spirit when I “rested” from trying or even thinking about the audience or sounding good.  I zoned out in the beauty and joy of the worship.  The more I think about this, it’s Zechariah 4:6 about the New Covenant vs old covenant  when God says: “no longer by might, nor by power, but but my Spirit.”


I fell back asleep to get more prophecy and I saw the words “Twitter expose'” and I thought that was odd, so I looked again, but this time I saw “Twitter exposed.”  I read later today Twitter & Facebook being called before Senate next week.


Wow, here it is 2/26/21 creating this page, and we can see how Twitter and Facebook certainly have been exposed in coming against almost anybody for Trump and conservative Republicans, and against anybody questioning the legitimacy of a fraudulently-elected Biden and many other Democrats into office, censuring and even removing their people’s accounts – even the president and press secretary!  I believe they will lose so much money as the public becomes wise to all this and eventually they will be broken up for violating anti-trust laws and the constitution, especially regarding free speech.




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