5-31-20 Dream about society’s foundations breaking up from underlying evil rising




Video:  5-31-20 Dream: Society's foundations breaking up from underlying evil rising to the surface



5-31-20 Dream: Society’s foundations breaking up from underlying evil rising to the surface



Cracks were forming everywhere in US cities’ pavement, sidewalks, carports, and building foundations.  I looked and saw red magma/lava oozing up through these cracks and felt intense evil and terrifying fear.  People were using garden hoses to slow it down, and there was much hissing steam, but it was almost a joke. The ‘most’ that some communities ended up accomplishing was to create a hard magma cap and the underlying pressure soon caused the entire area to swell and then massively explode, just as they say Yellowstone park will soon do and this super-volcano will be equal to 100 H-bombs and wipe out 4 states.  “All of creation is groaning, waiting for the glorification of God’s adopted sons.” Groaning because of our sin!


Then I heard today about the US State of Emergency and curfew because of the erupting violence by protestors!


Throughout the history of revival and its out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, only the “living water” of the Holy Spirit can “destroy the works of the devil,” the mission Christ said He came to do.  Man’s “garden hose” attempts to fix society’s problem won’t be enough and in many cases just make it worse!


The Holy Spirit’s “rain from heaven” came only after the state of the church on a whole had become worldly, and the world followed to bring society into utter decadence, lawlessness, and great turmoil. “When the salt loses its saltiness, it is simply trampled on by men” – just worthless rock to melt snow or sometimes use as a fertilizer.  At these miserable low points, more of God’s people will abandon the prayer-less church and increasingly cry out to God for the reality of God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done, especially for the Holy Spirit’s filling.  Many will do this alone, but increasingly they find 1 or 2 others that feel this desperation to seek God in prayer, and they begin to meet and miracles begin to grow in their midst.  It’s the same pattern again and again. “The Cure for All Ills” is good starter book that shows this history of revival.


Pray that God’s will shall be done despite the evil that is rising from our cracked foundations – our society that has wandered so far from God’s protection and so invited the demonic realm to surface.  Listen to John Paul Jackson YouTube videos on the “Coming Perfect Storm.”


Well on 2/25/21 as I set up this page, we have certainly seen this come true!  The protests got much worse, even called for by corrupt government leaders, and I believe will continue as lawlessness is being exemplified by our own leaders.  75-80 million Republicans voted in hope that Trump would stop all of the evil taking over our nation.  But their vote meant nothing as they watched 100s of hours of investigations into election fraud come to nothing because the Supreme Court simply wouldn’t even look at the evidence from so many states.  It seems like everybody is living in greed or fear and that constitution truth is the last priority.  None of the “fixes” are working and making things much worse.




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