7-29-20 Dream about a critical Frenzy demon ordering Stimulants demons to push us as taskmasters




Video:  7-29-20 Dream:  A critical 'Frenzy' demon ordering 'Stimulants' demons to push us as taskmasters


7-29-20 Dream: A critical ‘Frenzy’ demon ordering ‘Stimulants’ demons to push us as taskmasters



I saw a young man, college age, who was very quiet-spoken, almost shy, but he was an extremely talented concert pianist.  Then his dad showed up, also a tall man that sort of looked like “crazy Bill” that I knew from my work at Sunquest Information Systems, sort of like Bill Murray from “What about Bob” with messy hair, like he didn’t have time to comb it and rolled out bed into life as is, like a homeless guy.  He was frantically ranting to his son that had just lost a piano competition, lecturing him that his son just needed to push himself harder, to try harder, if he were to succeed.


I watched this as a Master pianist myself, one of the judges of the contest, but later I realized it was Jesus, the Lord. This has happened in many dreams – seeing thru Jesus’ eyes.  Out of great empathy for the kid, I went to him and very compassionately and softly said, “You know that you  don’t need to do that anymore?  I used to listen to that advise, too. But when I play – and I play all the time – I play because I want to, because I love it, it makes me feel happy.  I enjoy it, and it makes me feel good now and later.”  I’ve heard that “You don’t need to do that anymore” phrase from the Lord before – it told me this once to phase me out of sleeping medications the doctor had me hooked on and also with the number of digestive enzymes I took before each meal because I was to told by the doctors and health-food stores they were necessary to help my weak pancreas.  Well in both cases, the Lord weened me off them!


The name of the ranting, critical man was “Frenzy,” which fits his frantic demeanor.  The Lord told me he was a demon who gave orders/assignments to other demons called “Stimulants, ” who were behind my addictions to Baggins Spiced Tea or coffee or coke, all too often.  If not these “Stimulants,” then chocolate or sugar or sometimes b12 or a lot of vit c.  I’ve looked for ways to drive myself to get more done for a long time, especially when I’m tired.


The Lord told me that “Frenzy” is the one who worked as an Egyptian task master who whipped the Jews, driving them to try harder to make more bricks with less straw.  Remember that Moses killed one?  This isn’t the first time the Lord mentioned this demon but now I know his name.  Will I listen to his lies to keep pushing me thru life, or will I live like the Lord and be free?  For so long, even my drumming was controlled by “Frenzy.”  Every other job or degree was based on what I should do, a real grind, making me tired, angry, and depressed – see “My Story” on the About page.  But the Lord, The Truth, came to set the captives free by The Truth.


Today 2/26/21 as I create this page, I don’t think it’s coincidence because I’ve been at 3 doctors in the last week – primary, cardiologist, and urologist – because my diet, lack of exercise, and poor stress management for the last 14 months caught up with me.  “Do not be deceived:  God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap,” as Paul said in Galatians 6:7, has certainly come true for me!  I never did get free from “Frenzy” or “Stimulants” and they just kept pushing me until my body started breaking down.  But just as in Genesis 50:20, although they “meant evil against me, God meant it for good” and “we know that for those who love God all things work together for good” per Romans 8:28.  Indeed God has motivated and taught me to make many radical dietary, exercise, and stress-management lifestyle changes that I have trusting-relying-faith will become habits before He is done!  I have surrendered control to Him and really want the completely different-in-kind New Way that He has for me because this Spirit Music Meetups ministry is my calling and I just got started!




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