6-26-17 Dream of churchmen wrestling to control the Holy Spirit





A group of powerful, ambitious, “important” men in a church were competing and wrestling as they tried to grab a hold of a little wiggling worm of glowing light.  It was so slippery they couldn’t grasp it, even as they dog-piled their bodies on it, easily slipping through this grotesque mass of flesh.  Just like Elvis, the Holy Spirit had “left the building,” but through the kitchen down the drain!


I asked the Lord, “What is all this?”  He said that “massive flesh” is so much of My Body, but I will not be controlled.  I asked, “Why the kitchen?”  He sarcastically said, “Don’t they all have kitchens,” and I laughed so hard!  But I asked, “Lord, why down a drain of all places – so disgusting, so demeaning!  Why not out the front doors?”  He said, “They didn’t invite My Holy Spirit through the front doors!  Demeaning?  So you judge. To the least I will go.”


When I woke, I knew He was referring to “the least among you (a), for the so-called ‘firsts’ shall be last and the so-called ‘lasts’ shall be first” (b), the actual promise of the New Covenant (c). <Notes> a) Isaiah 60:22; Matthew 25:45, b) Matthew 19:30, 20:8, 16, Mark 9:35, 10:31; Luke 13:30, c) Jeremiah 31:34; Hebrews 8:11.





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