6-26-17 Choose to be filled by spirits of booze or the Holy Spirit





In my second dream I saw myself drinking really good nut-brown ales at a local bar.  As I “filled myself” I heard the Lord say, “Every time you drink, you choose between these ‘spirits’ and My Holy Spirit.”  Then I looked down and saw rows and rows of bottles of booze and remembered seeing the sign “spirits sold here” in so many bars and liquor stores.  Then I saw myself drinking in evil spirits with each gulp.


I couldn’t believe that I was making that choice!  It made me sick that I was choosing liquor in one form or another instead of the Holy Spirit.


When I woke up, I knew exactly what Ephesians 5:18 meant about “not getting drunk by wine, which is/leads-to debauchery, but routinely be filled by the Spirit” – a verse that I had spent a lot of time dissecting – see the Spirit-Baptism page.  Since then, I have had less desire to even taste wine, beer, or ‘the hard stuff’ – and I used to taste-test wines for the owner of a restaurant!




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