6-12-17 Prayer Revelation – Nature sings most when it is resting





While attempting to “wait upon the Lord” in proseuche conversational-prayer in my backyard, I kept seeing the word “time” and feeling so bummed that I felt I had so little of it with so much to pack into it.



Music from Birds on the Power Lines - While they are Resting!



Then I noticed my many busy hummingbirds finally resting on branches or power lines, just singing away!  I noticed that this was the only time they sing – while they are resting – not while they are busy flying or feeding.



The cicadas buzz while they are resting on a branch.  It was like the Lord was telling me to “rest and you will find your joyful music.”  Then I noticed the joyous sound of wind chimes and the “clapping leaves” of the trees both making music because of the wind blowing through them.  All these were at “rest” until the “wind of God” blew through them.  The music wasn’t happening while they were “busy themselves” but when they were “resting themselves.”  The music was the result of God’s work, not their own “might and power.”


My church worship music has felt very empty because we were “busy playing for God” instead of “resting in God” and letting “His Holy Spirit blow through us.”




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