Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare

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1-26-22 God-Dream: The Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare

Prophetic Words from Mike Burris - Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare


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The Eternals - prophecy of The Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare for Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Last night I saw the Marvel movie The Eternals and although it was a cool sci-fi escape from my work and I had a good spiritual conversation with an old friend, by the time I got home I thought “How worthless are so many movies!  They promise us so much with all their supernatural abilities and weapons against evil forces but are so far from the reality of mankind that is still left as helpless victims of evil people all around them.  The calls for “Defund the police” are killing us while those calling for this have high walls around their homes with state of the art security and personal teams of body guards – “rules for these but not for me” is destroying our society!  How long can we tolerate this smug, authoritarian hypocrisy?  We are our own worst enemies and it seems the world is ‘going to hell in a hand-basket.’  Meanwhile the masse have been given false hopes of super-heroes that will swoop in to save the day.  But none are ‘stepping up to the plate’ – everybody is living in fear of reprisal.  However, the Lord has given us a Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare!


The problem is that we have people in all walks of life – in Big Government, in Big Tech & Social Media, in Big Hospital Systems, in Big Pharma that has them ‘in their back pockets,’ in Big Religion, and in Big Finance that has them ‘in their back pockets’ – who have “all the gold, and those with all the gold make all the rules.”  The rest of us feel like helpless victims, so we flock to Marvel movies that give us hope that super-heroes will swoop in to save us.  How is all this evil being perpetuated?


Answer:  “For [singular] root of all kinds of evils is presently/ongoingly [singular] philarguriaavarice, covetousness-love of money,’ which some-people routinely/habitually orego ‘stretching oneself out toward to touch/grasp, being pulled towards by desire/aspiration to attain’ apoplanao [thus] have wholly/definitively become ‘led/seduced away by this cause to the needless pains arising from this’ – away from The-Trusting-Relying-Faith [of Christianity] kai and/thus have wholly/definitively peripeiro ‘all-around, thoroughly pierced/wounded themselves with many odune ‘personal emotionally-lethal sorrows, anguish, pain, or grief.  However, you O man of God (Timothy) [I strongly urge you to] pheugo ‘shun/avoid/flee/vanish from or seek safety away from danger by flight/escape from’ these things” per Paul to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:10-11 – see Bible Info for my credentials for Greek & Hebrew translation.  Greed is killing us all!


This greed of money is a greed for power over others through censorship, mandates, and other ways to manipulate the masses for personal gain.  It seems like the saying ‘everybody has their price’ is true!  Unless you open up the secretive Swiss bank accounts of all these people in power, you will never know who is working for who.  China has plenty of money to offer anybody, but so does the Vatican, Saudi Arabia, and George Soros!  “Do not harm the oil” in Revelation 6:6 is appropriate because crude oil is the source of most wealth on this planet and nations will even create an Armageddon to get it!  That’s why Russia will likely invade the Ukraine!  That’s why the Muslim nations will try to “push Israel into the sea” as they have tried many times to do!  Vast oil resources, not to mention ancient hatred for the Jews!  Today everybody is feeling the effects of evil working its way through Satan’s pawns & puppets “to wholly/definitively klepto ‘steal by deception and stealth’ and/also to wholly/definitively thuo ‘kill as a sacrifice or offering on Satan’s own altar to worship himself,’ and/also to wholly/definitively ‘destroy utterly/violently by cutting us off absolutely/eternally from God” per Jesus in John 10:10.



Big Gun bullets - prophecy of The Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare for Spirit Music Meet-Ups


As I was waking this morning I was given a God-dream about a Christian’s “weapons of warfare” against evil spreading throughout this world.  Jesus didn’t leave us to be victims of evil in this world!  The Lord has given us a Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare!  “The one routinely/habitually poieo ‘constructing, manufacturing, making, causing, or doing’ the harmartia ‘sin, missing of the target of God’s nature’ is presently ek out-from The Diabolos ‘slandering, falsly-accusing, defaming, maligning, dividing-to-conquer, backbiting Devil’ because The Devil has been presently/ongoingly harmartano sinning from the first/beginning.  Eis touto ‘toward/reaching this very reason’ the Son of God was wholly/definitively revealed:  In order that He might wholly/definitively luo ‘loose, untie, unleash, unbind, release what was bound, demolish, destroy, overthrow, do away with’ the ergon ‘works, deeds, doings, accomplishments’ of The Devil” per John speaking about Jesus in 1 John 3:8.  Jesus came to defeat Satan’s works!  But where do we come in?


Answer:  Paul speaks much about “putting on the armor of light to cast off the works of darkness” in Romans 13:12 and “putting on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes of The Devil” in Ephesians 6:11, so these passages are certainly worthy of study and application!  Why, because as bad as The Devil’s work is as described in John 10:10 above, which we NOW see playing out every day in our world, the rest of John 10:10 gives us this great hope per Jesus:  “I actually came in order that people might presently/ongoingly have-to-hold/possess zoe genuine-life kai and/coupled [they] might presently/ongoingly have-to-hold/possess [IT] perissos ‘all-around, excessively, exceedingly, beyond expectations.”  I’m ready for that!  Are you?


In the dream I saw a Big machine Gun laying out on a table.  I was told that the “stock” that you lambano ‘grab hold of to possess for yourself’ is very custom-fit because this is the part that the Gun user interfaces with.  It’s true that guns can come with different stocks and can be quite customized to “fit” the body of the user.  Some people like beautiful wood stocks that is even ornately carved.  Some stocks absorb the recoil shock more than others.  Some stocks fit into the shoulder better than others.  Some stocks are very light to make easier to carry long distances.  And some stocks fold up for compactness and concealment.  There are probably 31 flavors!


The Lord told me the Gun won’t do a darn thing unless we lambano it by its “stock!”  As we’ve seen the “stock” is customized to our self-identity and so it’s natural to put our trusting-relying-faith in our own “might and power” and skill when we grab the Gun.  But the Gun will not accomplish its purpose by this alone!  It’s simply not enough no matter how much our ego wants it to be.  In the battle against Satan, hordes of his fallen angels and his created mutant demons who manipulate our flesh and that of billions of people in this world, the “stock” is utterly powerless against these professionals over a millenniums!



Not against people but spiritual forces - prophecy of The Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare for Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Like Paul said in Ephesians 6:12-13 “The pale ‘wrestling bout, struggle, conflict, fight’ to us [Christians] is presently/ongoingly absolutely-in-fact-NOT pros ‘towards and reaching the plan [to fight against]’ flesh and blood but instead pros ‘towards and reaching the plan [to fight against]’ The Arches ‘Firsts, Rulers,’ pros ‘to fight against’ The Exousia ‘Powers delegated from the Arches,’ pros ‘to fight against’ The Kosmokrator ‘Cosmos/World Rulers that influence the lives of worldly people’ of/belonging-to The Skotos toutou Present Darkness, [finally who is behind it all] pros ‘to fight against’ The pneumatikos spirit-kind-of The Evil [One] in the epouranios heavenly/celestial-realms. Because of this [I strongly urge you to] wholly/definitively analambano ‘grab/take-up/raise for your own possession, even once-again’ the complete armor of God in order that you might wholly/definitively be dunamai ‘dynamite-like empowered’ to anthistemi ‘stand up and hold your ground against’ [the hierarchy of the Evil One] in the day/period of The Evil [One] kai and/thus having wholly/definitively katergazomai ‘worked/accomplished down to an end-point’ all-these-things to wholly/definitively histemi ‘stand up and hold your ground.”  What looks like a battle against evil men in our world is really a battle against Satan and his hierarchy of angel generals down to his demon pawns that use men as ‘pawns and puppets’ to carry out his evil work.  And the Lord has given us a Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare!


But the Lord once told me how to “stand against The Devil so that he will flee from you” from James 4:7 in a 10-27-20 Dream of the Massive Rock Fortress of Christ to find rest and safety from sin in the world:  “The Massive Rock Fortress extended down the beach as far as the eye could see in both directions.  I asked, “How far?”  The Voice answered, “Around the globe and to the right hand of God where Christ sat.”  It was pure black rock, minutely fractured, sharp as dull razors, like volcanic crystals so it was a bit reflective, but far more rugged than Italy or Oregon’s coastline.  [Later the Lord told me that this was His Holiness].  The ocean waves crashed and beat against it incessantly, yet there was no erosion. I had been walking along the beach sight-seeing and even playing in the waves.  However, I was told to RUN up the beach away from the waves that would eventually drown me, no matter how I resisted or fought back.  The Lord said, “This is Sin in the world.  RUN to the Rock Fortress for safety!”  The rest of the story is amazing!


Now back to my Gun dream!  No matter how we customize the “stock” to fit our identity, our flesh’smight and powerskill is not enough.  In fact, if we put our trusting-relying-faith in it, we are doomed!  The Gun won’t fire and the waves of sin in the world fueled by a hierarchy from the Evil One will continue to “steal, sacrifice as his offering, and then kill us eternally by separating us from God.”  The Lord really drove home this point by what He showed me next!



Machine Gun - prophecy of The Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare for Spirit Music Meet-Ups


The Lord has given us a Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare!  The middle section of the Gun was the biggest part and the most complicated, taking great Wisdom and Understanding to genuinely know the many designed and engineering internal workings that hold the ammunition, load it quickly and smoothly, and detonate the bullets.  For most of us this is a ‘black-box’ and we really don’t need to know how all this works, as long as we know where & how to load our bullets, how to keep all this clean so it won’t jam, where the safety lever/button is so we get it off in time, where & how to use the sights, and where & how to pull the trigger(s).


However, the Lord speaks much about being like little children to receive the secrets of the kingdom.  The Lord reminded me that “His ways & thoughts are higher than our ways & thoughts as the heavens are above the earth” per Isaiah 55:9.  I just stared at this section of His masterpiece design and engineering!  He told me that this is where all the real work gets done – by Him, just as Zechariah 4:6 declares concerning the transition from the palaios ‘old, worn-out, useless’ covenant to the chadash/kainos completely-different-in-kind, superior New Covenant:  “Absolutely no longer by [man’s] might and power but instead by-the-means-of My Spirit’ says Yahweh of hosts of angel-armies.”  The message of the dream was to surrender my control to this section of His Gun by putting my trusting-relying-faith in the Lord’s dunamis enabling-power instead of my own “might and powerskill that the “stock” represented.


The 3rd and final part of God’s Gun was the long-tapered barrel.  This is where the spiraling grooves inside the barrel spin the bullet to make it cut thru the air, fly straighter, and inflict more drilling damage when it hits its target.  Of course God’s dunamis enabling-power has a dynamite-like explosive tip!  It’s actually nuclear!  Paul says in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 “The weapons of our warfare are absolutely-in-fact-NOT flesh-kind-of but instead Divinely dunatos ‘preeminently dunamis able/powerful’ to the demolition of ochuroma ‘heavily fortified, rock-walled, military fortresses,’ kathaireo ‘forcibly pulling/tearing/casting down and destroying for oneself’ logismos ‘value-reflecting reasoning-arguments’ [presented to us by so-called ‘knowledgeable’ Jews, philosophers, and even Satan by his deceptive reasoning] and/coupled every hupsoma ‘elevated-thing like walls, ramparts, and bulwarks’ that routinely epairo ‘raises itself up’ kata down-from/against The Gnosis Informational-Knowledge of/belonging-to God kai and/thus routinely aichmalotizo ‘leading away as captives of war, thus subjugating or bringing under control’ every [single] thought eis ‘toward and reaching the goal of’ the hupakoeobedient surrender’ belonging-to Christ.”



Knowledge of God - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


This is a direct stab at the Gentile Gnostic & Mystery religions that saturated their Greek & Roman culture’s thinking.  Genuine gnosis knowledge belongs to God alone and the only way to acquire this is obedient surrender to Christ!  Can you see Paul’s description of siege warfare with Divine weapons that can pull down the walls of heavily-fortified cities of Satan and make them surrender to Christ?  The Lord has given us a Big Gun in our Spiritual Warfare!  How can the Christian avail themselves of such Divine weapons?  Surrender to Christ to be given God’s Gnosis Knowledge.  In the dream, the Lord explained that the barrel delivers the bullets of God accurately and effectively toward His targets by-the-means-of the dunamis enabling-power of the Holy Spirit!


The Lord made it clear to me that if I want this dynamite-like enabling-power for personal holiness/sanctification and my Spirit Music Meet-Ups ministry of playing Anointed, Prophetic, Spontaneous drumming music that will do His work in these last days, then I too will have to pick up His Gun, hold it properly, load up His bullets, aim at His targets – His will He has already disclosed and will disclose “in that very hour,” take His safety off because this is serious business now, and pull His trigger in complete trusting-relying-faith that He will do all the real work to properly chamber the bullets and project them accurately to His targets to completely destroy them.  Praise the Lord!  I have a little part of surrendering control to Him and proseuche conversationally-praying to prophetically see, hear, and feel His instruction for the other little parts I play.  Koinonia relationship and fellowship is all about partnership!



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