Dream – Coke is not the real-thing, but Christ’s love is.





I’ll never forget an all-night dream God gave me long ago of the whole world being trapped in an insane asylum, everybody with some form of delusion. Nobody was able to escape, and the demonic forces just kept drugging us or keeping us busy or entertained so we didn’t care about escaping (a).  I was trying to break my delirious friend out and found a lab run but a Father-Son team of chemists that had the antidote, which came in a blood-red can marked “The Real Thing” – and it wasn’t “Coca-Cola!”  When I gave it to my alcoholic friend, his chest opened up and a robotic hand came from deep within him to “receive or take hold of (b) the grace-gift for himself.”  Immediately he was clear minded and we escaped.  When I asked what in the world that was, God said: “It’s always been the same – My love.”  And immediately I saw the words, “The Truth that sets men free has always been the same – My Love!”  At the time, I thought this was a “thing” God had within Him, which we sometimes feel. Wrong!  The grace-gift is Himself – unconditional-love! <Notes> a) like the movie The Matrix, b) lambano.


Awhile back my friend told me that long ago he got involved with AA and has been sober for many years since!  Praise the Lord!




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